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Lumia 920 Review And A Little Comparison With The iPhone 5

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Iphone 5 is a great phone, easy to use, light and fast. Seemed a bit narrow in the hand. Setup was easy, just backup via itunes and activate iphone 5 with itunes and restore the backup. My gf loves it. If you use any other generation of iphone, you will feel right at home.

If you have a phone with ATT and its not eligible for a upgrade yet, you can try to talk to a manager and see if they can override the system and give you a upgrade without ETF. Be polite and you will be surprised at what they can do for you. You might not get the $99 price but still better than paying the ETF.

Lumia 920, not as heavy as I thought it would be. Its really big compared to the iphone 5. Phone came to me without any battery life, had to plug it in for 3 hours. Spent a while configuring everything to my liking, especially how I wanted my home screen. First thing I did was to delete all the apps from att.

*UPDATE I found out why the battery was drained when I got it. The smart techs from att did that on purpose. It is to make sure the battery learns to hold the best charge, ie to insure better battery life. If anyone experiences bad battery life, let it drain and then charge for at least 10 hours.

Also for some reason, they put the simcard inside the sim tray backwards and inserted the sim tray backwards into the phone, somebody told me they do that to prevent accidental activation. I would say just leave the sim in the card it came with. Also, you have to call 611 and they will have a option for you to activate the 920 with the new simcard, very simple instructions.

also you can use the Microsoft desktop companion app to sync the lumia with your pc . you can even sync itunes songs to your phone with the app.

Now the most important thing, your contacts. in you look on your lumia 920 , goto the windows store and inside the Nokia collection there is a Transfer my Data application. That should be able to help you out.

After about 2 hours I finally had my home screen the way I wanted it and it looks great! all my email inboxes are in one corner using small tiles, my main email is a big tile. In another corner I have my family and best friends pinned. Love the live tiles.

here is a how-to page that teaches you how to configure wp8 if you a new user

Some people need to sync outlook and here is a easy to follow faq for that

or you can use nokia suite to sync the pc and phone via usb cable

program download is here

So many things to explore and I am loving it. I previously used a Samsung wp7 focus before, but got bored of it because of the update situation. Wp8 really is a big improvement and I still have not tried all features available yet like smartglass, rooms, kids corner etc etc

***update I never received my free charging plate, so I called att and they will be sending it out right away!

Disclosure: I am long NOK.

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