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Retirement Plan – Think Twice

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 So, there is very difficult time in the markets and economies now, and the future retirees feel very unsafe. You just look at the headlines. Here are a few:

“French Unions Stage Strike as Pension Debate Starts”
French unions are striking nationwide as lawmakers begin debating President Nicolas Sarkozy’s bill to raise the retirement age. Transport workers began walking off the job last night, and many schools, post offices and government offices will be closed today. Demonstrations are planned in 137 cities.
“Perspectives on retirement”
The baby-boomer generation now reaching retirement is probably the first generation where both partners have worked for most of their lives, and certainly the first where many women have: 70% of women aged 50 to 59 are working. Because – so far – retirement ages for women are lower than for men (60 and 65 respectively) in the UK, and women are on average two years younger than their male partners, most couples are finding that one wants (or is able) to retire some years before the other.
“Illinois Pension May Sell $3 Billion of Assets to Pay Benefits”
Illinois’s Teachers Retirement System may sell $3 billion of investments to pay for benefits this year because the state can’t make its contributions to the fund, a spokesman said. The pension plan sold $200 million of assets in July and $290 million in August, Dave Urbanek, spokesman for the $33 billion fund, said in a phone interview. “We understand from the comptroller that there is no money to pay us,” said Urbanek. “If we don’t get a state contribution, we will have to sell more.”
And that's not all:
“6 Expenses to Ditch in Retirement”
Boomers’ net household assets – 401(k)s, pensions, homes and other investments, minus their total debt – have lost 18% of their value since 2007 and today average roughly $171,000 a person, the EBRI study found.
Oh my God! And yet...:
“How to Find a Job in Retirement”???!!!
What’s the question??? Why you may look for job in Retirement?
So, a natural question arises: What to do?
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