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Ray Tapajna Living Journal And Living Art Keeps History Straight

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Ray Tapajna Living Journal and Living Art that Talks, online since 1998, mixes articles and commentaries with thought provoking art about the issues related to the global economic arena. His advocacy is for workers' dignity, real trade and local value added economies. Free trade is not trade as historically practiced and defined. It is more about making production portable ready to be moved again and again for the sake of cheaper labor. With more than a billion workers in the world ready to work for practically nothing, this is a no win situation except for a few investors. Even then, the process will play itself out because masses of people will be left out of the picture and the process can only survive by people being able to afford the goods coming from the factories and farms of the world.

Ray's advocacy is to restore the American Dream for all in the world by restoring the value of workers and labor in the U.S.A. In doing this, America can again employ a "Marshall Plan" approach to help other nations duplicate the success and not shred it as it is happening in the global economic arena. Coming out of World War Two, the U.S. had the most awesome industrial might in history. The U.S. instigated the Marshall Plan which helped restore Europe and Asia economies after the war. They did this by showing other countries how to duplicate the American Dream. For some reason, powerful elite forces decided to shred the American economy and send the pieces to other lands. It proved to be a failure from the start.

Ray traces the start of free trade back to 1956 when the U.S. Federal Government first sponsored the moving of American factories outside of the U.S. It was supposed to be a temporary program but it never ended with virtually every president since then participating in the process. It first evolved into the Maquiladora Factory Program with thousands of factories being moved to Mexico alone.

In 1994, President Clinton consummated the plans of the elder President Bush in the passing of NAFTA and GATT trade agreement. He did this in concert with a Democrat controlled Congress and the new Contract with America Republicans led by Senator Dole and Congressman Newt Gingrich. Even Rush Limbaugh packed the process.

After NAFTA passed, the number of factories moved to Mexico quickly doubled to more than 4,000 factories. This did not stop the tide of Mexican workers flocking to the U.S. seeking economic survival. Soon after President Clinton had to rush billions of dollars to Mexico to save the peso and the Mexican economy.

So, the first bail out stimulus package went to a foreign nation and was a sign of things to come. President Obama and President Bush, the second, bailed out big money, the investment communities and Wall Street and put the ones responsible for the failed system back in charge while ignoring the suffering of millions who lost their jobs due to free trade.

In the first stimulus proposals by President Bush, Federal Reserve Chairman told congress the best way to stimulate the economy is to buy "Domestically Produced Goods." Beside this being a impossible task with much of U.S. production moved to other lands, the elitist big money interests ignored this suggestion.

The trade deficit has broken records since 1994 with trillions of dollars in value lost forever. During the same time, the value of workers and labor have been deflated and degraded to a point of no return. Our leaders and major media channels do not even talk about it. Free trade and globalization are a road to nowhere. Still the double talk goes on with economic statistics leading the way.

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