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Short-term Update: What's Going To Come Out Of The ECB Meeting? Not Enough, Says The Hanging Man

|Includes:SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY), TLT

According to technicals, the output of this European meeting will be...


nothing spectacular for the bulls.

An image with a thousand lines speaks a million bears...

Quick bearish observations:

  1. The market is playing a short-term symmetric triangle, which may mean downward continuation.
  2. The FED speculation rally (which began fiercely with a candlestick pattern that has a close enough resemblance of a morning doji star) did not surpass the 62% Fibonacci resistance.
  3. The 38% Fibonacci support could not hold the disappointment slide.
  4. It is highly probable that the market is just starting the third impulsive fractal inside a third ugly downward wave.
  5. The last candlestick is a "hanging man". What a way to scare the bull army eh?

Ross: [cutting the rope on the tree] Why did they hang him so high?
Cogburn: I do not know. Possibly in the belief it'd make him more dead

- True Grit (movie)

In short, technicals are confirming what we already know:

If the meeting output is not good enough, we are going down (which goes in accordance with the hypothesis I discussed in previous articles). If that turns out to be the case, the bond market will let us know in the coming days/weeks how much stress is needed for the politicians to yield and for the central banks to stop saving their bullets for later.

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Stocks: SPY, TLT