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Marijuana Stocks Ready To Ride Again? The Lt. Governor Of California Seems To Think So

|Includes:SK3 Group, Inc. (SKTO)

SKTO has had one compelling month. In just a 3 week span they went from no-info Caveat Emptor status on to a fully current Pink sheet stock. They published their insanely impressive Q1 filings to otcmarkets, and they announced acquisition of Berkeley Bio-organic Research Labratories. In acquiring Berkeley Bio they have secured the aid of its two esteemed founders, Dr. Apel and D. Gold, who also founded marijuana edibles company Yak Edibles. These two men are titans in their field and both have made innumerable priceless contributions to the medical marijuana cause.
SKTO has been running the gauntlet of a vicious and perpetual smear campaign since late march. This operation was doubtless fueled by those with a short position, or possibly by a patient entity who is slowly accumulating shares. Whatever the reason, there has been an obvious concerted effort to reduce share price, and today the effects of this negative agenda, compounded by the lack of an official PR in 2 weeks, has created a tremendous buying opportunity in wake of a significant selloff.
Although share price has been suffering slowly the last few weeks, akin to the inescapable drip, drip, drip of Chinese water torture or ghonnorhea, there is every reason to expect explosive pps growth in the near future. Management is a star-studded cast of powerful and respected men, with the political connections, legal savvy and business experience of a fortune 500 company. The market is a finicky creature, and unpredictable, but here in SKTO we have a business with the power and scope to set a new standard, and literally define the legal marijuana marketplace going forward.

"While legislators here (in California) and across the country grapple with how to implement or reform medical and other marijuana laws, it is refreshing to see public companies, like Medical Greens, take a thorough and compliant approach to defining industry standards. As (parent company) SK3 Group's Chairman, Kevin Allyn, continues to assemble his world class team, it's obvious that they are going to bring real change to medical marijuana by developing best practices to assist state and local governments better deliver, administer and monitor a controversial and growing industry. With recent surveys showing that a majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana, this business is bound to grow."

- Lt. Governor of California, Gavin Newsom

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