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Basic Options Trading E-Book

Much of the writing I do at Seeking Alpha involves options. Often, when I make trade suggestions, I discuss how to execute them using options. In fact, I took the $10,000 portfolio from $10,000 to over $30,000 in roughly four months almost exclusively with options. By and large, I employed basic options strategies such as long calls and puts. I have also written articles that show how to successfully execute covered call writing. 

I focus on options because, despite the confusion some investors feel in relation to them, they can be ideal trading and investing vehicles for small investors. Not only does going long an option contract require a fraction of the capital it takes to go long 100 shares of the option's underlying stock, but proper use of options can generate considerable income for any portfolio, even conservative ones. It's a misnomer that options trading/investing equates to gambling. Most investors can use basic options strategies just as safely and effectively, if not more so, as they do with stock trades.

Based on the number of emails and comments I receive from Seeking Alpha readers, large numbers of investors want to learn more about how to use options in their portfolios. This demand got me thinking about the best way to present basic options information to a mass audience, outside of and in addition to my Seeking Alpha articles. 

The result of my thinking - I intend to publish an eBook about basic options investing. I call it options investing because the actionable portion of the book will focus on relatively long-term options trades. I will cover the very basics of options trading and help take beginners through the process of demystifying options and carrying out the easiest and simplest strategies. 

I write this Instablog not only to let Seeking Alpha readers know that this is coming, but also to gauge interest for this type of information, concisely packed in one easy-to-use guide. I have not settled on what to charge for the eBook, but the cost will be nominal. 

I would appreciate your feedback regarding your interest in the comments section of this Instablog.