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Cyprus And Gold: Lighting A Candle In A Dark Room

Imagine a peaceful, self-satisfied Western investor asleep in a dark room. He's had trouble sleeping lately, because he's starting to become concerned about the safety of his personal wealth; recent events in Cyprus have not helped matters. He's blissfully unaware that he is sharing his room with three large elephants, which are there every night but are hidden by the darkness.

Our investor awakens and lights a candle; suddenly the room is illuminated and he sees the three giant beasts. The vision terrifies him, so he quickly douses the candle and hopes what he saw was just an illusion. But of course, when the light shines on truth it's impossible to return to a state of ignorance.

Recent events in Cyprus have had the effect of turning on the lights, exposing the 'three elephants' of international banking and the fiat Ponzi scheme upon which most Westerners' financial health depends: inflation and purchasing power; loss of confidence in the present system that must be protected at all costs; and the peace that owning physical gold can provide.

Nick discusses the 'three elephants,' financial repression, the contagion effect and more.

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