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$1.90E+10 For An Instant Messaging Client?

|Includes:Facebook (FB)

Facebook handed over $19,000,000,000 for an instant messaging application a massive data mine, on purpose.

Let's find some perspective for this amount of money.

The NFL will be raising their salary cap to $1.30E+8 ($130,000,000) for the upcoming 2014 season. Facebook could have paid the salaries for more than 146 NFL teams in 2014, that's more than 7700 NFL players. Roughly half the number of Division 1A NCAA football players. Given the current 53 man NFL roster and 32 teams, there are 1696 players on any given Sunday.

Detroit is looking to restructure $1.80E+10 in debt ( Facebook willfully chose to buy an INSTANT MESSAGE APPLICATION A MASSIVE DATA MINE for 1 BILLION dollars more.

NASA sent a car sized rover to Mars for $2.5E+9 ( Facebook managed to find $16,500,000,000 in more value in an instant messaging application a massive data mine than exploring our solar system.

All of this for a cross platform instant messaging application massive data mine. When getting your panties knotted up over what NSA, FBI, and {insert government agency of your choice} are doing to your privacy, let's be real about what Facebook is really after.

What does this have to do with investing? I dunno, not much really. It's more of a study in the mind boggling amounts of money being thrown around at questionable targets.

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