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SteadyOptions March 2013 And Q1 Performance

Please find below the March 2013 update from SteadyOptions.

1. Performance
March was a good month for SteadyOptions. We closed 16 trades in March, 11 winners and 5 losers. Total gain was $1,261 based on $1,000 allocation per trade. Assuming maximum of 6 trades open (the average number is lower), that's 21.0% non-compounded ROI. The YTD non-compounded ROI is 24.9% based on the same 6 maximum trades. Check out the Performance page to see the full results. Please note that those results are based on real fills, not hypothetical performance.
Most losers were in the 9-12% range. The ability to keep the losers small remains the key factor.

2. Expanding the trades scope

We continue expanding the scope of our trades. We closed another VIX trade for 48% gain. We also closed two RUT calendars for 19% and 26% gain. Those trades provide nice balance to the portfolio in periods of lower IV. But we also had few nice earnings winners, including FNSR, ARO, NKE and PAYX. LULU calendar was a loser due to pre-announcement - this was our first earnings calendar loser. We will continue refining those strategies to get better results. This gives members a lot of choice and flexibility. I also encourage members to trade what they feel comfortable with.

3. Limited new membership
The membership is now closed to new members and will re-open in mid-April.

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