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Price Increase Notification

Hello all,

The subscription fees for all our services will increase on February 1, 2014, as following:

  1. SteadyOptions and Steady Condors monthly fee will increase from $99 to $125.
  2. Anchor Trades monthly fee will increase from $59 to $99.
  3. Longer term subscriptions will still be available at discounts similar to those offered today.

Please note that this increase will not apply to existing subscribers and they will continue to be grandfathered at their original rate.
Those who will sign up before February 1 will still enjoy the old rates.
We hold rates for our existing subscribers as a reward to them for their loyalty, which is very much appreciated.

P.S. Update on auto-trading:

We are working on the final details of the auto-trading and hope to be able to start accepting members for auto-trading within one month. If everything goes smoothly (fingers crossed), the auto-trading will be done by Lorintine Capital, LP and the auto-trading fee will be significantly lower than the fee charged by GAT.


SteadyOptions team

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