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VMWare And NetApp Look Weak At The Start

 This morning, the major stock indexes are surging higher. There are two leading tech stocks that are not participating in today's early morning rally, they are VMWare Inc.(NYSE:VMW) and NetApp Inc.(NASDAQ:NTAP).

NetApp Inc. is trading lower this morning by 0.27 cents to 453.25 a share. Traders can watch for short term intra-day support at $52.80 level. This is where the stock could see a small bounce intra-day.

VMWare Inc. is another leading tech stock that is trading lower by $1.12 to $102.81 a share. Trader can look for short term intra-day support around the $102.00 area. The stock could see a small bounce from this level.

Traders must remember that these stocks are weak in a strong market. This tells us that the relative strength is poor on these names and the intra-day bounces may not last very long.

Nicholas Santiago