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Crown Equity Holdings Inc, (CRWE) Plaintiff(S) Vs. EQCO2 Inc, (OTCMKTS:CLNO) Defendant(S): Lawsuit Below


CEO of EQCO2 William Barnwell has been named in lawsuit. The complaint against William Barnwell and EQCO2 alleges misrepresentation and fraud, nonperformance, and breach of contract.



Plaintiffs Crown Equity Holdings, Inc., a Nevada Corporation and ZAMAN & Co, a Nevada Corporation, bring this complaint (1) in their respective individual capacities; and (2) derivatively, as shareholders of nominal-Defendant EQCO2, INC. (F/K/A CLEANTECH TRANSIT, INC.) a Nevada Corporation, against Defendants DISCOVERY CARBON ENVIRONMENTAL SECURITIES, INC., a Nevada Corporation and WILLIAM BARNWELL, an Individual. The Complaint centers on an Exchange Agreement between Plaintiff CROWN, EQCO2, INC. (F/K/A CLEANTECH TRANSIT, INC.) (“CTI”) and Defendant DISCOVERY CARBON ENVIRONMENTAL SECURITIES, INC., a significant controlling stake in CTI in the form of newly issued Series “B” Preferred Shares. The Complaint alleges breach of contract, nonperformance, fraud and misrepresentation against the Defendants, the Plaintiffs both individually and a dirivative capacity, seek to rescind the Exchange Agreement as a result.

Register of Actions Case No. A-13-687800-C

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