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  • GeoInvesting Refutes LPH Video Clips, Offers True Video Of Dec. 9 And 11, 2012 Activity At Taiyuan Plant 11 comments
    Jan 11, 2013 5:00 PM | about stocks: LPIH

    Longwei Petroleum (LPH) published two 10-minute video clips today in an effort to refute our video evidence of little or no activity at LPH's Taiyuan plant. It has been eight days now since we first released our report and this is the first substantive, albeit fabricated response LPH could come up with. Given the long delay in publishing them, we conclude that LPH filmed these video clips sometime after we published our report (on January 3), taking a failed page from Sino Clean Energy's playbook against Geoinvesting and Alfred Little in 2011. SCEI was still delisted.

    For your review we have uploaded our footage overlapping the time LPH claims they made their videos. What took LPH 8 days to fabricate only took us only a few hours to upload. As you will see our cameras pick up a good deal of traffic passing by the facility but no trucks ever entering or exiting the facility to fuel, refuting LPH's fake videos that show tanker trucks entering and exiting the facility (on the right side of their videos). The trucks in the LPH videos were around long enough for our cameras to have picked up the lights and fueling activity.

    Furthermore, note the almost total blackness behind the retail gas station in our videos. As you can see by the bright headlights on the passing vehicles and the lights in the ceiling of the retail gas station, our cameras would easily detect the light from tanker truck headlights fueling, weighing and circling around behind the retail gas station.

    LPH today took another failed attempt to perpetuate, rather than to admit to its fraud.

    Stocks: LPIH
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Comments (11)
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  • TBirdman
    , contributor
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    Classic...well done Geo!
    11 Jan 2013, 06:40 PM Reply Like
  • RealDutch
    , contributor
    Comments (261) | Send Message
    Great, now we have libel too.


    And what's this guilt by association thing we hear about all the time?
    Doesn't make your case any more credible.


    As I said before, publish all 49 videos or shut up for good.


    I have no position in the stock.
    11 Jan 2013, 08:22 PM Reply Like
  • JoeNatural
    , contributor
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    RealDutch, dude ..... wake up for once in your life. LPH was a massive fraud, plain and simple. Did you not see the ABC News clip with LPH's CEO standing next to the crooked CEO of PUDA ? You just don't get it ..... most of these Chinese companies are frauds committed without emotion or fear of criminal prosecution. Chinese people will look you right in the eye and lie without the blink of an eye. By the way .... I've got some sweet ocean front property in Arizona that I'd love to sell you.
    11 Jan 2013, 11:51 PM Reply Like
  • RealDutch
    , contributor
    Comments (261) | Send Message
    4 tankers detected in video's. You need some video enhancing software to see it clearly.


    You will see most of them on your right (entrance) and 15 seconds later on your left side in the background


    11/27 - 08:02:30 + 1 frame


    11/13 - 08:59:15 + 2 frames


    Less clearly but still valid


    10/29 - 07:53:15 + 1 frame
    10/29 - 08:53:15 (left side)


    GEO investing owes LPH an apology.


    I have no position in the stock.
    12 Jan 2013, 12:23 AM Reply Like
  • billwong12345
    , contributor
    Comment (1) | Send Message
    Both videos are true since they recorded the trucks entered the facility at the same time. Look at the videos carefully and compare the time you will find the true. Don't be fooled by the fast forward tapes.
    13 Jan 2013, 08:29 AM Reply Like
  • Julio Rebecas
    , contributor
    Comments (7) | Send Message
    GEO are criminals.
    13 Jan 2013, 06:21 PM Reply Like
  • RealDutch
    , contributor
    Comments (261) | Send Message
    Quote "Furthermore, note the almost total blackness behind the retail gas station in our videos."


    You are wrong. In your 2012-11-27 video (for example) at 05:41:00 PM you can see how dark the background really gets if the lights at LPH's facility are off. PITCH BLACK. You won't be able to see the building in the background at all. And it's not even completely dark outside. At around 05:41:30 PM the lights go on (slowly it seems) and stay on all night. Reflective light is different from active light.


    I am looking at the video in high contrast + high brightness


    The lights are on at night in all three videos including the two videos from this blog post.


    I have no position in the stock but I feel the SEC should investigate GEO's claims againt LPH.
    13 Jan 2013, 06:34 PM Reply Like
  • ryu
    , contributor
    Comments (105) | Send Message
    can you guys put up the FULL video unedited please. it would lend your argument much credibility heck you could just put it up on youtube into slices if you want.


    very easy to do.


    and do the whole thing please all it would take is time. no real cost involved at all.


    also you should stop quoting Alfred little as he is a Fraud.


    EOS funds Jon Carnes you better research about it then in 2011 he suddenly copy cat you guys + muddy waters to profit from the shorting of china syndrome.


    he was obviously operating on insider info from rodman and renshaw in scei case and published bad reports that only commented on it from you guys. he does no real research himself and when he does he gets it almost completely wrong.


    THUS your support for him = bad.


    His wife is Chinese too and he hired Chinese immigrants to do the work. he is also based in Vancouver instead of the usa when before he was in usa. look up his real company not alfred little.


    His employee Joseph Ramelli is also in trouble with zagg.


    this tells me he is indeed a scam artist and fraud himself. But I guess it takes a bigger fraud to spot a fraud.


    he did get the calls right at least for many of them except he is not humble at all when he gets it wrong.


    yes he got some wrong completely and wont apologize thus I do not respect you guys at all.


    when wrong admit you are wrong.
    I am talking about his problem with svm. I also looked at the data completely and Alfred Little himself was indeed the one wrong.


    even grades he is completely flat out embellishing it or lying because he screwed up big time or the one he employed screwed up big time on that report.


    Jon Carnes 99% mistakes on svm but will not admit wrong actually erased some data from his website completely so others dont notice


    1. compared silver equivalent to real silver instead of real to real
    275 g/t he said was bad? actually that is very good. but then again he still compared his fraud 845 g/t with 275 g/ still after we told him he was wrong.


    2. excluded proven and probable from his data analysis
    3. tried to accuse a manager of misspeaking when it was himself mishearing him as everyone clearly heard him say twenty not two. being so petty as he has no more arguments at that point
    4. read the charts wrong with the data as we pointed out to him but would not respond and quickly became quite.
    5. accused gc mines of being a bad deal when it was a good deal if the data is correct.
    6. accused the 43-101 investigators of being not qualified when they did the analysis for exxon mobile and other famous corporations in geology. that is insulting to the professionals in the field. (major fail as he did not research their resume)


    7. complaining about his employee being arrested and not released: they did after all steal ore for testing and trespass thus are subject to arrest and jail. no reason to complain at all. only thing svm did was push the police to hurry up their jobs as we all know in china they wont do anything without a push. just like what walmart did in bribing some officials or banks did to occupy wall street or etc. not much of an argument sorry Jon that fails. I do disagree with svm in that point as they should have just charged him and be done with it instead of keeping him there without trial. but other than that he does deserve jail time and the argument is majorly weak.


    geo team beware do not let your people get caught stealing like alfred little team was stealing stuff to test without consent and they even proved themselves wrong in the process.


    LPH fraud or not put up all the data dont put small bits here and there. Just a suggestion as it doesn't cost much to do anyway.


    Put up all data and dont fail like alfred little did and then wont admit wrong doing.


    Jon Carnes is just gloating on media now as he got exposed it was in fact him. But he wont talk about his past with eosfunds as it completely failed anyway especially in china and pump+ dump stocks. but he certainly made out alright compared to his clients.


    fair warning.


    also to stop china frauds.
    look to the ones that set them up. aka investment banks.


    force them to buy back all stock if they failed to do research and it turns out to be a fraud. money back guaranteeing like a warranty when buying from ebay or manufactures.


    no reason not to the investment banks can just buy insurance.


    this would kill geo investing business though or any bashing business/pumping business.


    aka the pump + dump business model by investment banks would die.


    (even though they say they not offering investment advice obviously they are the judges are too dumb to acknowledge that. thus they can use their disclaimer and say 1st amendment luckily)
    who are we kidding here.


    anyway good luck I hope to see all the data.


    LPH scam or not I dont know seems interesting but wont be participating.


    ps you do realize you guys are making the tensions worse for china and usa and could possibly lead to ww3 right?


    I hope we got some some nuclear sunscreen now. we will all need it soon if these things keeps up.
    14 Jan 2013, 07:27 AM Reply Like
  • umbisam
    , contributor
    Comments (42) | Send Message
    Geo, thanks for your essential job and for helping us bring Ming Zhao into poverty.


    I wish you'll be able to confirm LPH's ultimate beneficial owner is Ming Zhao
    14 Jan 2013, 08:32 AM Reply Like
  • pinilazar
    , contributor
    Comments (9) | Send Message
    I feel this story are real crooks: geo
    And stock, after the dust settles a bit fly high, high
    I wish I was right,,
    14 Jan 2013, 08:33 AM Reply Like
  • LLamaLima
    , contributor
    Comments (35) | Send Message
    It would be nice if LPH would spend more time refuting the other claims Geo made. All this focus on the video...
    14 Jan 2013, 10:51 AM Reply Like
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