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Looksmart? I Do Remain Fully Confident Of The 'Right Thing' Ultimately Being Done.

There IS a light at the end of the tunnel, provided there's no 'carve up' - is how I'm seeing it. [Is what I recently posted in reply to another long-standing LOOK shareholder] Although nothing surprises me these days - yet I do remain fully confident of the 'right thing' ultimately being done. (Is what I had posted)

Maybe I was meaning ...The "RIGHTs THING", being done?

LOL!! (It is funny, I feel - but it was to be expected.)

Sooner than later the market will get to understand what Looksmart are so silently saying. (And according to today's above-linked filing.)

< .....................The Board believes that the Offer is inadequate and undervalues LookSmart because it does not reflect the underlying value of LookSmart's assets, operations and prospects, including its market positioning and growth opportunities.

Among its assets is LookSmart's market positioning as a:

* Scalable search advertising platform for ad networks; [And an...]

* Independent ad network able to integrate Search and Display and deliver an efficient marketplace for advertisers and publishers;

and [an]

* Independent ad network able to deliver high quality traffic to advertisers and high value advertising opportunities to publishers.

The Board believes that the market opportunity for an open, integrated Search and Display marketplace is very large, both domestically and internationally, and that LookSmart is one of the very few companies able to capture this opportunity.

By leveraging LookSmart's search advertising platform to develop a new integrated Search and Display product line, the Board believes that LookSmart will meet a very important customer need and drive significant value for LookSmart and its stockholders.

Last year, LookSmart developed a plan for a phased launch of our new product suite that will culminate in the launch of an integrated Search and Display online advertising platform capable of handling a large volume of display traffic.

LookSmart has taken very deliberate steps to execute its technology development plan, including:

* Opening a technology office in the Greater Toronto Area, where much of the technology on which the platform is based is being developed.

* Progressively releasing the different components of the new product suite in a seamless way that will allow advertisers and publishers to easily adopt and benefit from each new component.

* Announcing the first component of the suite in July, when display advertising solutions were added to advertising capabilities.

This new offering allows advertisers to combine search campaigns and display campaigns using the LookSmart products and delivery teams.>

And for how long now have I been telling readers at Yahoo Finance and here and on my instablog that I feel Looksmart are at the very cutting edge of "the intersection of Search and Display", I ask?

LOOK: At 3:59PM EDT: $0.99 Up 0.02 (+2.06%)

Always, only an opinion.


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