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The Problem Relating To A Lack Of Viewable Impressions - A Solution Is Coming Soon?

A recent report found that upwards of 33% of display impressions served were (in fact) out of view of the user reading an article on published content. These include any ad that falls (or, is served) below the fold or, the 'in-view' content that is being displayed to a user when he/she lands on a published page. (Page view)

(From Google: "viewable impression problems"-

Looksmart's CEO has advised that the Co will soon be releasing it's (up to date) Ad Server-where those accepted user-partners who're wanting to access search based 'user intent' impressions - that are only available, (exclusively) across Looksmart's own global marketplace -- can then be equipped accordingly, and get to bid (in real time), for all their selected targeted users (and concurrently), against each other.

Will Looksmart's new Ad Server offer "Viewable Impressions"?

The industry "buzz" is that all that viewable impressions require is a "simple tech solution and adserver integration" and that... there's already one that's being tested by some-one out there...The 'buzz' on Twitter includes (as an eg);

"Viewable impression ad serving is coming"...and ....."In the past three weeks I've seen a bunch of requests for it."

Now I wonder just who this may be doing the testing?

Is it likely (or, again - is it fair to assume) that we will see in Looksmart's pending announcement of it's new AdServer, an inclusion of another (a new) advertising cost metric: The CPVI? (Meaning.... a cost per viewable impression?).

Could this again be yet another "exclusive" to advertisers buying through Looksmart & across the vast publisher base within it's own (owned) marketplace I wonder?

Time will tell, of course. (And what will THAT do to LOOK's share-price value, if this is to be so? HMmm?)

Yahoo's Premium Inventory?

In the mean-time, Yahoo Finance has permitted the 'trashing' of it's/the LOOK message board with spam - a tactic used by share accumulators to 'bury' any positive posts that may be published by shareholders. (I might add that Yahoo are currently testing what is no less than what can only be called, an 'abomination' of a new board, I must say.)

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