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UHMMmm? - "Pre-warned is pre-armed"

|Includes:CNVR, GOOG, KOW, LookSmart Group, Inc. (LKST), LOCM, MSFT, YHOO

I'm a 'blog' or, stock chat-board tragic! I love the interaction as such. I do enjoy it.

............There has surely been "enough information" that has been provided within posts on the many stock boards I post to (&, over the past three years), that is intended to help 'normal' people determine what's just around the corner? - - To point out to them what IMHO, is soon to come. HMmm?

But I'm not so sure.

What? An Online "Global Marketplace" for advertiser and publishers?

Whilst they say that "pre-warned is pre-armed", investors (at times), can only see what's positioned in their "own" minds. They 'don't' learn from others, they (we), only learn from their/our own mistakes. - Few have the capability (?) to explore any other's line of thought.

They (we) can be stubborn. Just as those before us (in history), had very similar type minds that had operated in the same, stubborn fashion... I guess that it's human nature. We all 'share' this fault, to some degree.

Over 68 years ago....

<.The Japanese believed that they were being pushed into a corner by Roosevelt and felt that they must act to protect the Empire. The following outline describes some of the events which led to the attack.

Secrecy and surprise were the two elements which were most important to the success of this plan. With that said one wonders how secure was the flow of information around the Imperial Naval Staff - - - - because on January 27, 1941 Joseph C. Grew, the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, wired Washington that he had learned information that Japan, in the event of trouble with the U.S., was planning a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

No one in Washington believed the information, if someone had believed this information, the Pearl Harbor attack possibility could have been avoided. While many thought that war was possible, no one believed that the Japanese could surprise..

And over the past three years (or, more) there has been a lot of Global Media and Advertising Co's who have been going about building a so much fairer (to both 'transacting' parties) "system", to be used for the buying and selling of advertising, a system that's percieved to be what is an 'equal', to all involved.

A system pertaining to the 'paying & recieving' of the absolute BEST form of "reach" out to a Global/Local Market, that money can buy ...

It has cost BILLIONS for many of those 'co-peting' partners to get to have "positioned" themselves. To become "key" (inter-acting) players in the (mostly), sharing of the efficiencies that are to be provided, in the 'buy-sell' area of advertising, on the web....

... I read recently that there is nothing special coming up, other than what can be considered as being a normal, "evolutionary" process of change... I replied, that rather than nornal...

This is to be REVOLUTIONARY ...And like nothing that has ever been seen before...

It's all fascinating!!

Back in 2008 was the time when the 'DeSilva+Phillips' White Paper' on "Online Advertising Networks" had then 'shed a lot of light' on the "conflict of interest" matter or, what was considered as being the/an "unfair" business advantage that Google has had. Google (alone,) did revenues in excess of $22 billion, last year.

The need for "neutrality" (or, for some-one to hold what is a "middle" position - the "glue", so to speak) in the "paying and recieving" area, was obvious. - For someone to 'control' (to, automatically 'over-seer') an auction based "exchange" marketplace that was to be global by nature and fully transparent to all.

A Marketplace with a need to have a 'uniform' cost/pay format, that knows no 'financial differences' (apart from ongoing, fluctuating USD 'exchange' rates) and one that full confidence could be ensured for and by, all intended participants, be they publisher or, those paying the $$'s for inventory, the advertisers.

Looksmart set about by ridding itself of consumer sites. It now has just the IACI (direct contact) publisher involvement, yet to dispose of. And perhaps, that has already been completed.

Google, Yahoo and MSN are already "players" (it does appear so) and there is a lot of ongoing development and continuous 'fine tuning' (as has been suggested in many posts), still yet to go....

One thing that you can 'rest assured' of, is that just as the Japanese 'came' to Pearl Harbour in 1941, Looksmart's "Global Marketplace" WILL soon be a part of many a publisher site near you, if not, already so.

Just my own opinion, as always. DYOR.


Disclosure: Is a long-suffering shareholder of Looksmart