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My 'Message' Or, Story For Today (AGAIN), Comes To You Via Facebook

My 'message' (or, story) today, comes to you via Facebook. (Many links contained within it will not be showing though.)

It seems (certainly if this instapost is published here on SA), that I may be getting a little too close for comfort?

[Added today]

I've just posted some 'thoughts' to a Facebook Group I belong to (yes, we are "The Dangerous Thinkers Association" - lol), that some may even find interesting. ... Please feel free to comment whilst you remain, free to comment, here.- If you 'get the picture' that I'm painting! :)

The Dangerous Thinkers Association

That day will come when the 100 in our membership here may be banned from posting to Facebook. - Other sites may choose to do so, likewise. My understanding is that when you go to a site, your link or, the link provided by the search engines send details of your IP ad...


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