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Global Newpapers will soon get to Print Money, on the web?


My brief description (of myself) here on SA advises that I'm a person with a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers and their [any] success had, with their monetisation attempts on the web. 

Well, with an update on any progress being made I can only report that (across the globe), they are still working on it! - - Much of it is going on behind the scenes, is my belief ...And an example of some of it, is as follows:

Microsoft  who helped 'build' Looksmart's AdCenter Platform [See -  Current Report] are the 'driving force' behind a lot of what is going on.

Along with many 'others'  (such as WPP's 24/7 Media, I feel), who are all helping to 'enable' a good number of  ('old world' print - global) media Co's, to make that transition across to the web that so much smoother and eventually, profitable. 

It's with a (Microsoft) purchase of a small Co called Accipiter, that then plays a definite role in helping media Co's to do so.

I have long contended that Looksmart have been 'ear-marked' for a major role themselves in the on-coming (so called, PPC Search Version 3.0, Real-Time Bidding) and that it's worth bearing in mind that Looksmart have previously told the market (at the time), that:

........"We use proprietary and licensed software and databases to receive and analyze advertisements, campaigns & budgets, match search queries to advertising, analyze web-page information to match advertising to relevant content, integrate third-party ads, detect invalid clicks, serve ads in high volume, and track, analyze and report on advertising responses and campaigns."

In that above link, I also make mention of WPP's 24/7 Media  (an early day 'pioneer' of the many changes that are on the horizon and who were the ex Looksmart CEO, David Hill's old (long time) employer. David Hill was a prime motivator, in his days with Looksmart, no doubt. (24/7 Media are a long time partner of Looksmart, too.) - In yet another InstaPost, I had quoted David Moore, 24/7 Real Media founder and IAB board of directors chairman.

World Newspapers will play a huge part in both Premium and Secondary (Global) Ad marketplaces that are quickly 'evolving' daily. - With major co-operative sites like, that have already been prepared.

I see Looksmart's major role as being within the Secondary or, 'remnant'  marketplace (at least), one that will be independently "inter-operated" and thereby, a fully transparent and (unique-ly), 'equal to all'  (much fairer, to both advertiser and publisher), players. 

So its Looksmart's 'independent' management or, what is an 'inter-connector' role to play (or, provides an 'inter-operability') between DSP's and or, larger publishers, all Ad/Pub Exchanges, and on a Global scale.   

What does "interoperability" mean?

In the simplest of terms, it means:

  * Supply can originate in one exchange but be made available for sale to buyers from other exchanges. [Publishers/Advertisers - On a global scale]
[Looksmart & that "Interoperability" Role with it's AdCenter]

Looksmart (as a 'lynch-pin'/manager) then protects that all-important 'own' data.

I maintain, that it's the "private labeling" (many Fox Terrier dogs look all the same - but most have a different name, no?), of the ADCenter Platform's technology, and this will then eventually allow all it's advertiser & publisher 'users', to 'blindly' interact with each other under the most efficient of RTB auction, conditions. 

There's a number of 'on-sellers' of this 're-branded' technology, is my strong feeling.

But, back to 24/7 Real Media and what they have been up to....


Omniture/24/7 Real Media

Open AdStream

24/7 Real Media's Open AdStream® is the digital marketing industry’s most robust, integrated ad management platform......... It combines the technology, service and business intelligence that publishers need most.

Description; Open AdStream is a robust integrated ad management platform for publishers. Open AdStream provides audience management through precise Web analytics and audience segmentation. Extensive targeting options and advanced inventory management enable publishers to optimize ad delivery. 

24/7 Real Media operate: The Global Web Alliance - which is 24/7 Real Media’s network of thousands of quality web sites

And much has been posted here, of Omniture:  -

24/7 Real Media's Open AdStream® is said to be, now 'powered by' Maxifier [], being a division of Magenta Technology Ltd who have also 'teamed up' with other notables, such as EyeConomy [Maxifier and 24/7 Real Media Win Ad Technology Platform Award Maxifier sponsored the Digital Summit 10 in New York Channel 4 to use Real Time Campaign Optimization for Online Advertising Campaigns 24/7 Real Media and Maxifier announce Display Optimization for Inventory Revenue Maximization Bauer Media becomes first UK Media Group to introduce Real Time Campaign Optimisation through a Deal with Maxifier Eyeconomy has adopted Maxifier] and the Bauer Publishing Group being a worldwide media empire offering over 230 magazines in 15 countries, as well as TV and radio stations.

I've no idea as to who Magenta do deals with but from a secondary (remnant) marketplace point of view, it may not be such a concern. For Maxifier (a kind of Ad optimiser technology, for publishers), does make the following offer:

Remnant inventory:
  • Maxifier allows you to manage DR campaigns in-house and increase the monetization of your remnant inventory, decreasing any dependency on ad networks;

Eyeconomy is said to be a full service global online advertising specialist (owned by the MediaCorp Group -, providing comprehensive online placement solutions for advertisers, ad agencies and website publishers.

MediaCorp Group (on Wednesday) reported a sharp increase in revenues for the 12 month period ended 30 September. The company said, in a trading update, annual revenues grew 730% to GBP 25.6 million from GBP 3.5 million a year/year. Gross profit also rose 707% to GBP 6.3 million from GBP 0.9 million in the comparable period. [Just how much is related to growth within it's Eyeconomy , is unknown]

There's a whole lot more going on with large media Co's and that, readers can be assured of.

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