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Ben Plomion Of CHANGO Explodes 5 Myths About Search Data

Ben Plomion (Director Marketing & Partnerships @ Chango) has as good as told me-besides helping me understand a lot more-that Chango are NOT likely involved with Looksmart's 'search intent' based marketplace.

In his article (5 Myths About Search Data) Ben explains that one of the best techniques (for obtaining search data, for advertiser to then get to re-target with) is by harvesting the string query data that publishers get from their referral URLs.

Publishers use that data (Ben advises) to see which keywords brought searchers to their site, and [that] it's been helping them optimize their content for years. That [kind of] data also provides a huge boost to Search Retargeters.

I've made a number of mentions of Chango here on my instablog in which I am clearly wrong (thanks Ben) in regards to my strong feeling that Chango may well have been a part of the Looksmart marketplace.

Ben had written a great article that explains how search retargeting companies follow the industry's best practices to always ensure user privacy--in that the data captured can't be used to identify any individual person.

In my last instapost (and in mentioning Chango-along with the above revelations) I'd actually posted: []

<..............The article tells readers of 'why major search retargeting companies (like Chango) have now formed partnerships with large publishers [that will also include Google, Yahoo! and Bing, I have no doubt] that allow them to collect billions of search terms each month from the actual searches that people conduct on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.>

This is clearly NOT the case. And it gives me the chance to apologize to Chango for my stating the above. Ben (I feel) has also reminded me of my error, in his last paragraph in his "5 Myths" article, as written:

< So, what does all of this mean?

For starters, it means that you shouldn't believe all the hype you hear about Google or any other search company.

Search data comes in all shapes and sizes and from lots of different sources. Properly harnessed, the different data sets can lead to phenomenal marketing.>

I admit to 'bungle' so often in my thoughts expressed here. And that I need to say that it's these great articles (both of those linked in this post - that Ben Plomian of Chango has written) that truly explains so much, so well - to a raw 'novice' like myself. Thanks sincerely.

LC - Ross Bradley