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DENIAL - Not Just Another River In EGYPT?

It would be fair to say that we have all struggled along 'in denial' on whatever an issue may be, at some stage in our lives. - Many of us continue along with this phenomena.

I guess it depends on an individual's own understanding of or, an own POV for any real conclusion that a person/s may hold, no matter what the subject.

WARNING! Don't dare go here if you haven't an "open" mind, ok?

On Facebook (today), a range of topics were posted for discussion that have included "Crop Circles" [] and in my forever being an 'eternal possibility thinker' (and, where it's rare for all to agree on any topic thrown-up for discussion) I thoroughly enjoy being one of 104 members in a FB Group...The Dangerous Thinkers Association.

[BTW, this group is 'open' for all to join, if you may choose to do so.]

On that thread I introduced the possibility of "cognitive dissonance"(?) occurring in many of our conclusive minds. - It's a little like knowing that the ceiling is painted white but (and for what ever that reason may be) you'd much prefer to 'think' that it's painted black, kind of, I guess?

The suggestion is that a conflict exists, only in our minds.-Individual circumstances may even dictate our conclusions? Others may feel that it's more simpler by going along with 'mainstream'?

About that (independent) "End-To-End" (Ad:Tech) Solution? (That's based on keywords matching real time 'user intent' across a ONE global, publisher marketplace? And finding a target, impression by impression?)


I guess (others may feel) that it's silly to go against the 'mainstream thinking' in believing that there will be an "end-to-end" solution?

Yet I feel that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence here on my own instablog (for advertisers, publishers, tech vendors, and investors to consider), supporting my own prediction - that there will be one.

< "Brands that use interactive, rich media ads see a 300 percent to 1,000 percent increase in ad interactions. That's one of the reasons that probably explains why the use of video in online advertising is predicted to grow by 55 percent in the U.S. by 2016.">

Just 'some' who are lying in wait, perhaps? -


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