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Media/Advertising - The future ahead....

|Includes:KITD, LookSmart Group, Inc. (LKST), MSFT, YHOO

.......From the exclusive Sun Valley conference in Idaho (and according to this report), we could see the depressed economy taking years to turn around, is what News Corp Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch said on Thursday.

................."I'm shocked at the business mood, which is talking about either that we're at the bottom or going lower, but that it's going to take years and years, like five years at least, before we see any real growth coming out of this,"  Murdoch told Fox Business Network television in an interview at the conference. [But, I'm not so sure that you mean DIGITAL, Rupert? :) ]

Then again,  this article suggests that Telcos are expected to derive about $56 billion worldwide from non-mobile IPTV services by 2013, according to new data from Infonetics Research.

The research firm also found the number of pure and hybrid IPTV subscribers worldwide more than doubled in 2008 to 26 million, and is expected to surge to about 155 million by 2013. As a result, IP set-top box vendor revenue is forecast to grow at an average of 14 percent annually between during the forecast period.

[ ...VOD (Video on demand) and IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) would be supported by both subscription and advertising or, a combination of both it would appear. Generally speaking the broadband "push" upgrade (speed, etc) not only here in Australia (no doubt), has a lot to do with these projections being made....]

Funding: -

From Akamai (in the following link), we are told that ..........Each quarter, Akamai publishes a quarterly "State of the Internet" report...... This report includes data gathered across Akamai's global server network about attack traffic, connection speeds, Internet penetration and broadband adoption, as well as trends seen in this data over time. It will also aggregate publicly available news and information about notable events seen throughout the quarter.

[ ..........And an 'insight' (and I have no doubt) into just how 'huge' the market for Advertising (on the web) will grow to. The "one-stop-shop" media "buy and sell" will be both 'offered' and provided for (in part - in time) by the likes of YieldBuild and SmartRotations and to be also facilitated by LookSmart's own AdCenter "inter-connector", is my opinion.

........It's the next "GOLD-rush" for smart investors who are prepared to do their "home-work" and are patient. And the "lobby" to support any investment made for the future comes from the top, as this next article clearly shows. ]

< In a blog entry posted yesterday [contained in that link, below], Young-Bean Song, senior director at Atlas Institute, a division of Microsoft called for the digital ad industry to consider adapting its approach to metrics to mesh with more traditional measures like reach and frequency........ Such a shift is crucial for the medium’s growth, Song argues, particularly when it comes to convincing still-reluctant brand advertisers to shift more dollars online.

“Brand advertising budgets represent about two-thirds of a $186 billion advertising market,” Song wrote. “Yet, only 5 percent of their overall marketing budgets are spent on the Web.” 


[ Yes, this will soon, all change and it will change quickly, too! And that, you can be assured of. IMHO.]

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