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Yahoo! Continue CENSORING Of Posts To It's Message Boards

For a recent NYT article (heralding the appointment of a former White House privacy official to mediate on a global "Do Not Track" standard), to say that:

"Although Mr. Swire said he hoped to spur progress, for the moment Do Not Track browser settings have no more significance than emoticons."

Is NOT quite as it seems?

Yahoo! Badass Bully Boys?

My innocent post today (to the Yahoo LOOK board [as shown below] has been disallowed - and in trying to ascertain the reason why - my attempt to send "Feedback" to Yahoo was again blocked and I was confronted with the following mandatory condition - one that says it all:


AlertThis site requires the use of cookies. Please enable cookies in your browser.

Your feedback is important to us. Please try again later.


Here's a copy of my intended post at the preview level, of Yahoo!:

Looksmart shared a slice of the Thanksgiving SEM Pie?

By seekingthetruth935 . 1 second ago . Permalink

"On Thanksgiving Day, sales revenue from search marketing soared 65% year-over-year (YoY), driven by just a 10% increase in search ad spend. Turkey day also saw the highest YoY increase in average order value, up 19%, as consumers loaded up their carts in single swoops."

"Google Product Listings Ads (PLAs) continue to perform well, and the Yahoo Bing Network (YBN) continues to deliver quality inventory and conversions.

The key for retailers is to leverage advanced technology tools that can manage PLA and text search ads holistically from feeds of up-to-date inventory and promotions.From there, deploying sophisticated portfolio algorithms can yield optimal results by running thousands of models on each keyword to determine marginal ROAS and set proper bids."

Read more: hXXp:// pie.html?edition=53915#ixzz2Dawe6C37

I've no doubt that for the period starting Nov 1st through to Nov 26th (and according to the traffic rise in Rank & Reach - as shown on Alexa), Looksmart 'user intent' marketplace that's solely based on RT (real time) user search queries, will have done very nicely.


It was in a recent instapost I wrote (and had felt). that:

Regulators may best sit back and watch this all unfold, perhaps? And Yahoo (as I am seeing it) could well be setting itself up to gain 'the best of both worlds' with it's initial declared decision. (In that they will not recognize search partner Microsoft and IE10′s default DNT signal on Yahoo! properties at this time.)

In regards to their message boards, Yahoo! are really getting this so wrong, I feel.

As it is (as shown above, in my post that was blocked) its bad enough that you cannot now post a hyper-link to stories you are quoting on-let alone attempt to give Yahoo any precious 'user feedback' that relates to their upgraded format for the boards-without an enabling of 'cookies'.

That's simply asking too much of a user Yahoo, I feel. Without users posting views Yahoo! clearly lose ad revenue from page-views and any clicks that may result from such free content being posted.

As it is (according to this latest appointment of Mr. Swire WSJ story), its now unlikely to result in a do-not-track deal resolution as happening before the end of this year - and one that was previously promised.

Until DNT is resolved, there may well be other posters that Yahoo are (also) 'pissing off, I imagine? Hasn't Myspace been a 'lesson', I wonder?

Just an opinion.

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