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A Few Questions For Looksmart's CEO Jean-Yves Dexmier

Dr Jean-Yves...

It was so disappointing to (only just recently) read of your December 20th advice to shareholders, that:

".....The Board is currently in negotiations to retain an independent restructuring advisor to provide analysis of the value of LookSmart's assets in a liquidation. It is unclear whether a sale, distribution of cash and sale of remaining assets or a liquidation would result in value in excess of the Offer Price."

You've also advised that LookSmart has now engaged Phoenix Advisors ("Phoenix") to provide information agent services and that you have indemnified it and certain related persons against certain liabilities relating to or arising out of the engagement. (Was the kitchen too 'hot' for the Co's Financial Advisor? [Victory Park Securities]. -- Although I do note that they too [VPS], have/had been indemnified against certain liabilities relating to or arising out of their engagement. And the 'buck' stopping with the "Company"?)

With cash already down some $0.8 million from the stated $17.6 million at the end of the Q3 period) the more 'engagements' the better (?) and with cash now representing approximately (ONLY) $0.97cps, it ensures (I feel) that PEEK will get to 'consummate' their $1.00pps Tender price offer (gathering loose-held shares prior to- and without any hassles) in a 'trade-off' from Looksmart. (With an Aug 2013 poison pill 'protection' always 'on standby' if needed, of course!)

But seriously Dr Jean-Yves Dexmier

Whatever happened to Looksmart's open, independent marketplace (by leveraging the Co's existing search advertising platform - think RTB when reading 'programmatic' in that linked story) having a capability of delivering what will become a very large volume of 'search intent' based (global) display traffic (and derived from the 'over 5 billion' real time search queries 'exclusively' given to Looksmart to work with, daily) for advertising campaigns - and involving up to 100 billion events per day?

Where the likes of Zenya (a spin-off of search engine, and Chango (who have only recently introduced access to Facebook users, based on billions of real human search queries - allowing "Marketers to now target individuals on based on the searches they've done only minutes before on Google, Yahoo! and Bing." - ("But who have not yet visited their site.") are all clearly 'ready, willing & able'.

Along with many other players including direct search, self-service search advertisers and other digital advertisers-all competing with those bigger search engines' advertisers for targeted impressions on Facebook etc, (in a one open marketplace), on 'equal' terms.- Not to mention Twitter who I feel is patiently standing by, ready to join in.

WebProNews has an interesting article today. But in regards to Privacy and anonymity? (In using a user's IP addy- and with mobile etc soon to be added) Looksmart tell it all.

So Dr Jean-Yves (as a long 'suffering shareholder') I'd truly like to hear you elaborate in reply- to much of the above- rather than read of an analysis's guess - of the value of LookSmart's assets in a liquidation.

(Carpe Diem!)

Always, only an opinion.


ps; It's simple! No more 'false-flags' for starters. (Piss PEEK off!) And tell [Mark] Zuckerberg to 'pull his finger out', ok?

Disclosure: Long LOOK