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WHY Don't People Ask Questions?

It's a good question in itself and many an answer can be given as to why.

Discussion boards (such as Yahoo Finance and I've noted social sites like Facebook and Twitter as being so similar) are generally full of posts with people TELLING all of how they feel about a common topic of interest, but there's very few posts (or, comments) these days, that get to ask a question.

Is there that certain degree of a fear of exposing something that we DON'T understand? We are (after-all) almost anonymous to each other?

Or, is it because many of us sadly (God forbid), have become a 'know all' in our own minds, I wonder?

I mean (as the saying goes), isn't it "better to ask and be thought a fool for five minutes than to actually remain a fool forever"?

Isn't this EXACTLY what those that do seek answers about a company (in much of their discussion), would want of people who gather on such a site? To NOT ask any questions? (Yet the web is almost wholly and solely being supported though questions that result in search ads & more-so when search finally meets display.)

(search meets display)

With Looksmart

PEEK have been able to buy over 8 million shares - many, from people who don't ask questions. And I'm sure we'd all agree that Michael Onghai would have asked many a question of Looksmart's Board - - and got the kind of answers that had satisfied him - before making that final decision (his option), to go ahead and 'shell-out' that $1.00 price, per share.

If you don't ask questions (I'd reckon) it means that a person is not using his or, her own mind, in thinking a subject through. And that our opinions about a topic (in this case-it's Looksmart the company-going forward), are mostly all based on what we have read in Co Filings or, press releases, from market news sites or, from what is being posted here or, else-where.

From this our own opinions are then formed. That are (mostly) ALL based on what we have perceived-from another person's opinion. That we have allowed our own minds to take on-board as a newly discovered belief.

I make no secret as to my own reasons for being here -- yet I learn so little from much that is posted here.

Have you ever stopped and considered (certainly over on Yahoo Finance), what many an other poster's agenda may well be?

The writer of this excellent article says:

"Without questions, without questioning, ideas are never refined. They need critique and thought, things that are incurred by asking questions."

I like to ask questions here (and elsewhere) and I do so on a regular basis. - From which (I find), I get so few answers. Why?


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