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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (& a 67 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
  • WHY Don't People Ask Questions? 4 comments
    Jan 12, 2013 8:15 PM

    It's a good question in itself and many an answer can be given as to why.

    Discussion boards (such as Yahoo Finance and I've noted social sites like Facebook and Twitter as being so similar) are generally full of posts with people TELLING all of how they feel about a common topic of interest, but there's very few posts (or, comments) these days, that get to ask a question.

    Is there that certain degree of a fear of exposing something that we DON'T understand? We are (after-all) almost anonymous to each other?

    Or, is it because many of us sadly (God forbid), have become a 'know all' in our own minds, I wonder?

    I mean (as the saying goes), isn't it "better to ask and be thought a fool for five minutes than to actually remain a fool forever"?

    Isn't this EXACTLY what those that do seek answers about a company (in much of their discussion), would want of people who gather on such a site? To NOT ask any questions? (Yet the web is almost wholly and solely being supported though questions that result in search ads & more-so when search finally meets display.)

    (search meets display) usmarket.seekingalpha.com/user/36191/ins...%20display

    With Looksmart

    PEEK have been able to buy over 8 million shares - many, from people who don't ask questions. And I'm sure we'd all agree that Michael Onghai would have asked many a question of Looksmart's Board - - and got the kind of answers that had satisfied him - before making that final decision (his option), to go ahead and 'shell-out' that $1.00 price, per share.

    If you don't ask questions (I'd reckon) it means that a person is not using his or, her own mind, in thinking a subject through. And that our opinions about a topic (in this case-it's Looksmart the company-going forward), are mostly all based on what we have read in Co Filings or, press releases, from market news sites or, from what is being posted here or, else-where.

    From this our own opinions are then formed. That are (mostly) ALL based on what we have perceived-from another person's opinion. That we have allowed our own minds to take on-board as a newly discovered belief.

    I make no secret as to my own reasons for being here -- yet I learn so little from much that is posted here.

    Have you ever stopped and considered (certainly over on Yahoo Finance), what many an other poster's agenda may well be?

    The writer of this excellent article says:

    "Without questions, without questioning, ideas are never refined. They need critique and thought, things that are incurred by asking questions."


    I like to ask questions here (and elsewhere) and I do so on a regular basis. - From which (I find), I get so few answers. Why?


    Disclosure: Long LOOK


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  • LookingConfident
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » The 'follow-on post I appear to have lost?


    [Facebook's] Intent Based Marketing And The Individuality Of “Graph Search"? [Edit or Delete]0 comments
    Jan 16, 2013 8:40 PM


    The Editor of MediaPost (Joe Mandese) has posted a good article today about Facebook's "Graph Search" and writes it off as being just another (invasive?) new source of search advertising impressions, and potentially, brand conversions.


    He even poses a question (that apart from agency pundits and industry analysts): "Who cares? Or an even more important question: Why should anyone care?"


    Facebook's 1 billion+ (individual) Users will care, in time. Here's why.


    It's important to note and Joe points out (later in his article) that only about 5% of the world's information has been indexed and archived by search engines and that this (referred to as, "the Dark Web") continues to grow (and it does, daily), not shrink. - But all of this becomes totally irrelevant for Facebook's "Graph Search" as it will ultimately prove an almost 'one on one' search experience, for Facebook users.


    Facebook's "Graph Search" is designed for an individual's experience.


    Joe writes (and rightly so) when his nephew David posts photos of his newborn on Facebook, this then does become very substantive to him personally, but he wouldn't expect others to care of them, much less search it out.


    But it is Joe's grand niece 'Mary Lucy' who becomes of real interest to Facebook and specifically to all brands (all advertisers/suppliers 'local' to his grand niece) who'd like that precious data that relates to new-born babies!


    For them to get to target their products or, service accordingly, be it directly in (or, along-side search results) or, wherever on Facebook 'Mary Lucy' may happen to land.


    This thought can so easily be extended from within a comment made to Joe's article, by a Scott Crider. - He writes:


    ........."I think its far more likely that a search for "best baby formula" on Facebook's Graph Search will return results for content created by Similac, particularly if a few of one's friends have previously "liked" Similac's Facebook page [or, any of those friends who may have even searched for coupons on Facebook? Note the amazon.com links on that Facebook coupon's page] and/or shared its content.


    Time and again, peer approval/recommendations has shown to be a powerful influencer in purchase decisions, so this could be powerful indeed. Time will tell."


    [Facebook's] Intent based Marketing


    In a great discussion on Twitter yesterday [View conversation] I have learned that (in a reply to my thought)-- 'It's where a user's 'intent' (or, an 'in market' signal) will be served/met by advertisers across an Open marketplace or, on FB'), that "Bing already does this with FB data"


    How about amazon.com? And (in time) Google, Twitter, Yahoo and a plethora of 'approved' publisher networks that can allow their respective advertisers to then find Joe Mandese's grand niece 'Mary Lucy' on pages that she may land on - OUTSIDE of Facebook?


    ["Combining the reach and scale of Facebook with the already massive reach and scale of Google, AppNexus, Pubmatic, Rubicon, OpenX, Lijit, Yahoo!, and the other RTB exchanges only further cements RTB as the go-to method for reaching effective audiences at scale.


    This is especially helpful for advertisers (that will ultimately see - - an inclusion of Facebook's own advertisers soon?) looking to advertise at scale to very specific audiences."- SEL.]


    Facebook won't exactly be so gracious to supply that intent data on to all-comers, like it appears to be doing with it's search partner Bing.


    But what if all players - - meaning buyers and sellers of 'search intent' data, as it is found in RT-real-time (include Facebook & it's advertisers), were all 'enabled' to do so (where that data becomes anonymous to all parties), in what becomes an RTB Global OPEN Marketplace 'Handling' some 100 Billion "events", per day?


    For this to happen, Facebook will need to acquire (Microsoft's) Atlas ad network or, that of Looksmart's own (no longer required), Ad Network.


    Stay tuned, Folkz?


    Always, only an opinion.


    LOOK: $0.97 Up 0.05 (+5.43%) 3:59PM EST [ 5d ]




    ps; Google can turn off any ad network / exchange without notice or process via their search/browser coverage. blog.isocket.com/2013/... …


    Disclosure: Long LOOK
    17 Jan 2013, 01:07 AM Reply Like
  • swanson1
    , contributor
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    For gods sake, Looksmart doesn't have an ad network - it couldn't be more obvious in the recent filings.


    Not only that the issue about the lack of documentation for the source code relates to the "adcenter" code. Almost all the tier 2 networks have a better "adcenter" - so Looksmart have nothing, they have said as much in the filing.


    Which means Looksmart have nothing - no assets at all to pass on.


    Which means so clearly that Peek (who got control so easily) are going to shut the business down as it has no assets at all.


    It doesn't have an ad network - never had - it isn't a player in any of the markets you have talked about.


    In fact Looksmart are the only tier2 player not to be involved in any of the good growth stuff going on right now.


    Please disagree and write essays and these instablogs - but it won't change the fact that Looksmart will be now shut down to get the cash out - it has no business and hasn't for a long long time.
    19 Jan 2013, 07:27 PM Reply Like
  • LookingConfident
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » .
    Swanson1 .....Your comments contain so much vitriol in them and I wonder is it truly necessary?


    Looksmart doesn't have an ad network?


    It's rather irrelevant now that it's gone.


    LookSmart [HAD Claimed to have] operated one of the largest pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising networks with over two billion daily search queries.




    Peek (who got control so easily) are going to shut the business down as it has no assets at all?


    ..............On January 14th the board of directors of the Company increased the size of the board of directors to seven and appointed PEEK nominees Christian Chan, Mike Onghai, Paul Pelosi, Jr. and Thorsten Weigl - - to serve as directors of the Company. (Probably to assist with the shutting of the business down as it has no assets at all. They'd do that.)




    Mainly it's called - - an independent (global) "Distribution Network" that is shown below, as Traffic - from Alexa.




    Upstream Sites


    Which sites did users visit immediately preceding looksmart.com?
    % of Unique Visits Upstream Site
    7.15% google.com
    5.27% answerherefinders.in
    5.22% shopguidefinds.com
    4.78% discount-find.in
    4.54% topmarket-search.com
    4.39% easycashesfinder.in
    4.10% busines-search.in
    4.07% feedsmixer.org
    2.83% protection-searcher.com
    2.32% market-find.com


    Downstream Sites


    Where do visitors go after leaving looksmart.com?
    % of Unique Visits Downstream Site
    15.61% google.com
    3.47% shopguidefinds.com
    3.21% answerherefinders.in
    3.16% discount-find.in
    3.14% topmarket-search.com
    2.76% busines-search.in
    2.76% yahoo.com
    2.61% easycashesfinder.in
    2.35% feedsmixer.org
    1.97% protection-searcher.com


    In your 2nd comment you write:


    "Its fine talking about the potential - but its reality that is the main thing."


    I feel that it's uniquely based on user "search intent" & with an extension of PLAs to reach search and social, in virtual real time.


    Best of luck to you, too!


    19 Jan 2013, 11:47 PM Reply Like
  • swanson1
    , contributor
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    I have said all along that this would happen - you have talked about an idealistic nonsense.


    Its fine talking about the potential - but its reality that is the main thing.


    You have no clue about how modern ad networks function - which is fine, not my problem - but I told you about Looksmart's demise a long long time ago.


    You don't want to listen and that is fine.
    19 Jan 2013, 07:32 PM Reply Like
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