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Facebook Advertising - Will Soon Look Beyond The Walls Of Facebook

For Facebook (I feel), it's Graph Search ultimately becomes part of a global intent based (PLA type ads) marketplace- and one involving any/all players of worth.

(Where Google's own advertisers can find a targeted user on any of the Google partners or, on Facebook-a user's current location or, next 'port of call' and vis-a-vis, Facebook's advertisers. In real-time.)

....In view of my own limited understanding (others hold none or, may have different opinions), in that Looksmart's distribution network (it's global marketplace) operates on user IP identification - - I'm currently trying to get an understanding of what a Facebook Product Manager is saying in a Q&A style article, out today.

The IP addy "ID" (of a user-albeit not mentioned directly by Facebook's rep) is universal or, a 'one-fits-all' for all players within a marketplace.

It fits (hand-in-glove-like) along-side any proposed "Intent-Based Unit Of Trade" or, in being part of a talked of 'currency' to be used -- within any ONE Open marketplace. (And a further 'unification', for all.)

See Peter Bordes/Bill Wise (One currency)


[ Remembering also, that Looksmart's recently departed distribution network manager had previously told all (meaning for all 'player's in Looksmart's global Marketplace), that:

"We follow users showing search intent... image, rich media..yes ..we are getting into this...we position ourselves to the OPEN market."

"we are looking at the IP ... the individual user ......but we do watch for IP's with 5 or, 6 clicks... building a quality score" ...

Video? "Google helps [us] a lot with this, with video .. we have same standard as Google has.. it's easy for them to get it to us." ]


Back to Facebook & some of the comment made in AdExchanger's article discussing "Facebook's Attribution Roadmap", as linked.

*** Looking beyond tracking online conversions, Product Manager David Baser tells AdExchanger the company will eventually let ad buyers track organic impressions - including owned and earned media. "We know we have to offer something there eventually," he says.***

[No use of Cookies?]

DAVID BASER: ............."The key difference is that other conversion measurement systems rely on dropping cookies on the users when they see or click on the ad. We understand who the user is regardless of whether they're logged into Facebook on the app or on the mobile phone.

When that ping comes back from a user taking an action on the customer's website, we associate that back to the user ID without relying on a cookie ID.

.....Once we have this system based on user IDs and not based on cookies, we can use it to have consistent attribution across web, mobile and even multi-browser on the desktop."

"Over time we think it will be incredibly important that across all advertising systems, we have more consistent systems for attribution and measurement." [And for payments being made, no doubt.]

.."We create aggregated and anonymized clusters of users. Any time a user takes any kind of action on Facebook - or on an advertiser's website where the pixel is installed, that action feeds back into these aggregated clusters."

On this very subject (and that of my own long-held belief - there's the need for Looksmart's 'independent marketplace') Rob Leathern, the CEO of Social feels that the roll-out points to Facebook's future beyond its own properties - and says: ...

"it gets them closer to building a system that can push beyond the walls of Facebook's own publisher properties out further across the web and mobile web," he said.

It's important to grasp all the above, I feel.

Always, only an opinion.


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