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Brands Can Soon Get To Maximize The Role Search Can Play

From within my previous instapost here I explain just why I feel that the announced Google/Yahoo Ads Deal is likely to be about the following of a User's [keyword/s, search based] Intent.

I wrote, that:

These ads could be much more than your average 'run of the mill' type and may well be an 'early days' version for the introduction of PLAs, with Google's targeting of users (on various Yahoo properties), after a user's search intent has been shown.

And that, the Yahoo blog account has explained it, as follows:

"Say you've been shopping for boots. [then] If you see an ad for boots, that's instantly going to pique your attention more than an ad for, say, a car battery."

This has to be more about 'search intent' than it is about Contextual Advertising, surely?

In a recent article Chris Copeland (CEO of GroupM Next-the innovation unit of GroupM) talks of 'intent', the buying of audiences and 'targets'. That in 2013, social, mobile and [for Brands] audience-based buying are all going to command attention and media dollars.

"Making Search the Centerpiece of Your 2013 Digital Advertising"

I particularly like his points 2 & 3.

< As brands ready for 2013, here are a few ways to maximize the role search should play for your brand:

2 - Testing. When Google introduces product listing ads ( PLAs) or Yahoo announces ad formats for organic results, how quick are you ready to jump in?

Whether it's an ad format or a third-party system for creative or bidding, there are any number of tests. .......The basis for any test should be to improve or increase your campaign.

Many brands want something beyond search because they feel like search is tapped out. .....Testing can be a solution without leaving the channel, but a testing rigor must be established and applied.

3 - Find "like" media opportunities.

If search works for you, figure out why and go find non-traditional opportunities. If search works because people are expressing intent in your brand, then find channels where you can generate more intent.

If they are expressing category interest and you need more exposure, then go find inventory with similar targeting opportunities. More and more businesses are being created using search principles and more channels are using hand-raising as selection criteria for ads. >

How, Where and When?

It's from within the amended FORM SC 14D9/A (Filed 08/03/12), is the LOOKSMART LTD CC transcript - - where Looksmart's CEO advises all (I feel), of the Co's plans, for what lies ahead. (In 2013)

..."When discussing game-changing events for online advertising with our customers and partners, there is strong consensus regarding the significant value an integrated Search & Display open marketplace would have for them."

And this is a company with approximately $15.85 million in cash and a current Market Cap of just $15.56M.

I've no doubt this is a prime example of where people are more fooled by noise (or, the total 'shutting down' of it), than ever before.

Always, only an opinion.


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