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FACEBOOK (Looksmart) And That (Microsoft's) Atlas Acquisition

As was predicted (back on Dec 9, 2012) Facebook - with it's own ad network connected into an Open & independent marketplace, may well have seen the mechanic (mentioned in the 2nd link), having initiated his advertisement, on Facebook!

It now appears we'll see a Facebook purchase of Microsoft's Atlas (deal), announced sometime this week.

"Today most advertisers connect to Facebook's display tools and exchange via one of many Facebook third-party API partners.

Having its own ad server would allow Facebook to better measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns because big advertisers and agencies could connect directly to the social network.

Controlling its own ad technology could also help Facebook open up more data to advertisers without exposing it to intermediaries."


This acquisition will allow Facebook advertisers to re-target ads to Facebook members as they move to other sites away from or, off Facebook.

It's clear to me that they have (long) been testing in this area and as Atlas has a compatibility with Looksmart's AdCenter/marketplace, this then allows Facebook advertisers to become enabled to buy those (real time) 'search intent' eCPM/CPC type impressions-from off publisher's inventory within or, across Looksmart's Open and fully independent (global) marketplace.

[Yes] Facebook Joins that Open marketplace

.....,,.This (the buying of Atlas), will also ultimately include the ability to find these absolute 'best of breed' (buyer-ready) impressions among Facebook's own, one billion or, more users.- With Facebook advertisers then bidding blind against each other and against all buyers, across the one marketplace.

That's when things will start to 'hot-up' for Looksmart share-price value wise - and not before.

Is all, only an opinion and as I am seeing it.


ps; February 28th - The Rumors are True: Facebook Acquires Atlas …

Disclosure: Long LOOK