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OT [Agenda21] In Australia. Breaking 'Rules' - To Gain Inclusion In, The 'Rule' Book?

.........For Mainstream Media, Government spending (at all levels) becomes a mighty big 'earner' for those within the media-ad industry.

That Rupert Murdoch owns some 70% of the 'print' media in Australia is evidence enough to say - that Newscorp do get a good 'share' of any totaled annual (all), Govt's spend.

...'Back in 1998, Senator Nick Minchin. then Minister of State, estimated that the Government's advertising campaign-- to explain it's GST policy ......."may exceed $10 million..I wouldn't imagine it would go much beyond $10 million".

But the advertising eventually cost taxpayers at least $118.7 million, and there was speculation that it had cost even more, up to $500M.'

In today's terms, that represents a mighty big total of taxpayer money!


The burning question becomes, just how much of taxpayer's money will be spent to help impose a ONE World Govt - on the very same, Australian taxpayers?

"Funding of a ('normal') Referendum"

Australian Electoral Commission - 1999 Referendum

National advertising campaigns for and against the republic

The government appointed 'Yes' and 'No' committees to conduct national advertising campaigns to promote the arguments for and against the proposed republic model.

Each committee was allocated up to $7.5 million, with the members drawn from delegates of the 1998 Constitutional Convention.

The advertising campaigns were run in the weeks before polling day.

See: Public Information Campaign - Australian Electoral Commission


Funding for THIS proposed Referendum? (Financial & resources?)

This Referendum appeal to the people for change (note: that two previous attempts at this- have failed), will likely see the Govt leaving no stone unturned.

This is how the Australian Local Government Association have since greeted the above-linked Govt select committee's preliminary report.

February, 2013

"ALGA addresses second hearing into 2013 referendum"

The committee's preliminary report and the recommendations of a previous Expert Panel report recognised several preconditions for referendum success:

*the need for strong bipartisan support;
*the Commonwealth negotiating with state and territory governments to achieve their support for financial recognition;
*a public information campaign to achieve informed and positive community engagement; and
*changes to the referendum process to allow public funding of referendum campaigns.

.....Isn't it rather ironic, that the last condition that the ALGA feel must be met for referendum success ('changes to the referendum process to allow public funding of referendum campaigns') now wants to unconstitutionally break the 'public funding' rule ........ of the very same people's rule-book, that they're wanting recognition from-within?

SHAME on the ALGA.- SHAME on Local Councils/Quasi-Governments.

Government Communication in Australia

Only, an opinion.