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Looksmart Search Engine Traffic % Down - Marketplace Reach Up! (Facebook/Bing)

Today's Comic (as Linked) from AdExchanger is really so brilliant and conjures up all kinds of nice 'thought'. With only me (see me-among the huge crowd in Saint Peter's Basilica Square), pretending to understand the new Pope's message.

[It's all about] When Search finally meets Display.

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In a quick check of Traffic @, it was a shock to see advertiser traffic %'s arriving into Looksmart's exclusive Marketplace (as is driven by Search Engines), get to drop so low. (See, below.)

Since 'disguising' an announcement on dropping off of the Company's intermediary business (within the most down-beat report-of many over the past 6 or, more years), revenues are now fully derived (I feel), from that 'exclusive' RT real time (and extensive) first party (Search Query) Data - that will ultimately get to provide advertisers with such a broad range of 3rd party audience segments.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Forum

My emphasis on first party (search query) Data (as above) cannot be stressed much louder and 'news' of Mozilla's move to stop third-party cookie tracking in the latest version of its Firefox browser, even makes it all, so much better. AdExchanger covers this extensively.

On this move (by Mozilla) Aaron Bell (CEO of AdRoll) says:

"The Internet is great because it allows ideas and content to flow freely. You can hop from your custom radio station, to your bottomless Gmail account, to a friend's Twitter feed, to a foreign newspaper, to a game of Scrabble with your mom. [and within a ONE publisher marketplace that's global in reach, advertisers can get to follow-with use of 1st party data, only] We've come to rely on these services and expect to access them for free, without paywalls or contracts.

Display ads make this possible. They are the lifeblood of the Internet. The only form of display with a reliable return on investment for advertisers is audience-based targeting."

Microsoft's Bing, too! (In spite of initial reactions to it's DNT Policy.)

"A Do Not Track approach that automatically "opts out" consumers would harm virtually everyone who uses or earns a living from the Internet. [Slowing down my computer speed to zero?]

If advertisers and publishers can no longer utilize targeted advertising, it's hard to see a scenario - that doesn't result in a pay-for-content model." (Don't miss my "Top Commenter" award.) :)

The (new) Pope Francis Message?

He's talking about DSP's.That every (advertiser) should have one. I can't speak Argentinian, yet I'd swear on the Bible that's what I heard him say. His 'gift' to the advertisers (both big & small), of the world.

It's highly likely too - to see all intent based advertisers ride into Rome on a/that ONE VIA APPIA (or, interconnecting) cobblestone path-way. All equipped with that 'one-fits-all' (and simple for SMBs) Self-Serve Ad server. (Yes. Everyone should have one!)

Search Engine Traffic % It's down. Yet, can be (is), expected.

Now note the rise in "reach" (up from a recent plateu of ~ 0.0046) to above the 0.0062 mark. With a new 'set' of publishers. (Note among many, the addition of Facebook and Bing sitting with them.)

Looksmart's global intent based marketplace has suddenly got that much broader in it's reach capabilities.

Intent based?




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