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Omnicom are now a likely Looksmart AdCenter partner?

|Includes:LKST, LOCM, Omnicom Group Inc. (OMC)

Following on (some research) FWIW to readers - Just my "thinking" aloud :), from a previous blog - To all search industry experts ..... ....

##....For if it did mean anything to industry "experts", they would then understand that this total of 37.5% of "new" traffic to AdCenter is now coming from India, China, Germany, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Israel and Sweden (plus various other Countries that make up another 9.6% of total traffic), and are ALL (now) "inter-connecting" advertisers with publishers on a 7/24 basis##  

In regards to Looksmart's AdCenter, and what is a probable Global display Ads OPEN Marketplace for advertiser/publishers evolving quickly now, it was an article (back in Sept. 2006) that had caught my "eye" and I have been following things through ever since... It was of "real" interest and certainly enough to have had myself noting this, at the time .....

< A "possible" AdCenter partner in Contextweb, maybe? > ....I had noted.

< "These ads aren't coming from the Big Three," O'Donnell says. [That would be Google, Yahoo and MSN] -Instead, the ads are being provided by a second tier of search marketers: Adknowledge, ContextWeb, Kanoodle, LookSmart & Miva. - It's secondary ad networks that have ads that are just as good, but they're easier to work with too" O'Donnell says. > >

And I am guessing now, that it was near the very "beginning" of the Looksmart AdCenter OPEN Marketplace as (at the very least) Miva [Adknowledge] and Kanoodle are known AdCenter partners. I've always 'suspected' the other two though.

The amazing "development" of ContextWeb is a revelation in itself, too!

...They now have ADSDAQ an Exchange, that from another post (on Yahoo, THK -KOW - now INUV ) that alerted me once more, when the poster wrote:

<The exchange to look out for is the Adsdaq (cool name) from ContextWeb. These guys have the reach into big advertisers and something that THK sadly lacks, i.e effective ad targeting technology.>

.....It was those last four words that got me going, so to speak. More recently, it was the following from their (ContextWeb's) 'blog' that caught my eye, once again:

< Be sure to catch our other interviews with MediaCom (WPP), Omnicom and VivaKi (Publicis)>

And the following, ContextWeb two-part interview with Omnicom Media Group's CEO Matt Spiegel (part 1  and part 2).. And that:

<.....Yesterday Omnicom Media Group Digital CEO Matt Spiegel told us about their $2 billion digital spend, the future of trading platforms, impression based bidding, if there is a future for blind buys and Forbes vs. long tail finance content.>

Now, anyone that has followed this long, drawn-out but terribly "exciting" story (certainly, for me) would know by now that I do have ALL THREE of the above-mentioned "jumbo" (mainly) Global Ad Agencies involved. I concentrated on Omnicom and found that it (indeed) has a story or, two for us.

Some notes follow that had previously lead me to another strong agency called (of all things),

<"Once again Tribal Fusion gives us technology that helps differentiate them as the leader in the network advertising space. - - We are always looking for ways to leverage technology to improve the efficacy of our advertising, and Dynamic Ads delivers that. - [And] When combined with behavioral targeting, it allows us to zero in the right message to the right consumer while keeping our production costs in line” said Allen Stern, Media Director at

2007 - Tribal Fusion - >

This had told me that they ( were using Ad Networks (even an Exchange or, two, maybe?), back then... I then went on to learn that:

< 2003, we became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Omnicom Group, Inc., - - - solidifying our original commitment to leading the interactive marketing industry.>

I then had a bit of a look at: - China 

< Greetings from Shanghai, China!

.......We live in interesting times. A decade defined by digital invention, and by China’s ascension as a world power. With over 20% of the world’s population, and social reengineering on an unimagined scale, working on the digital frontier in dynamic, modern China is humbling, exciting, and immensely inspiring.

Our office here in Shanghai combines global best digital practices with local market insights and an award winning creative team that understands how brands need to behave in this brave new world
. >
Why did I hilight China ?

It's because when combined with another area that I am looking at, I can (almost can and will, I hope) confirm that ContextWeb (but it's a 'given', I feel) and the Omnicom Media Group ARE (both) "white-labeled" publisher and advertiser partners, accordingly.

So, with (now) some 37.5% of "new" traffic to AdCenter [Alexa] that is now coming from India, China, Germany, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Israel and Sweden (plus various other Countries that make up another 9.6% of total traffic), it makes me wonder how much MORE Omnicom may be contributing to that new (and doubled) AdCenter figure, of "Over one billion enquiries" that Looksmart now enjoy? - It's all sensational, it is!! - [Note that Looksmart's website now says ..TWO Billion impressions/enquiries]
Can you believe this silly low Friday close price? - Yes, it's unbelievable!!  

LOOK: On Jul 31: $1.13 Down 0.12 (-9.60%)

To be continued ....