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Delivered over 2.2M paid clicks per day - Looksmart's Global Marketplace

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Yes, you read correct, well, as far as I am seeing it all....And that's regarding my stated Looksmart AdCenter Global (RTB - 'real time bidding') auction based advertiser - publisher Global Marketplace, folks!

From within yesterday's CC (following the Q2 report from Looksmart) CEO Ted West advises, that:

< ......We have a long history of scalability and performance innovation on our AdCenter platform. During the second quarter, the [AdCenter] platform processed well over 1 billion search queries and delivered over 2.2 million paid clicks per day.

The AdCenter platform is build to scale, and importantly to operate and deliver paid click transactions both quickly and reliably at that scale.>

And that, I am proclaiming it as an intrical (or, integral) part of a massive (Global) marketplace taking shape. This can be easily supported by the many (previous) Looksmart statements that have been made, and there are examples that do hilight the "international" aspect from the Co's (it's) own view-point, as follows::

< ...During the second quarter, LookSmart offered its customers the ability to reach Internet users in Canada, Australia/New Zealand and the United Kingdom through enhanced geo-targeting features built into its AdCenter technology platform. LookSmart also recently began testing in Germany to explore further growth of its Advertising Network.

"Through the AdCenter platform, LookSmart's distribution partners are able to monetize their international search queries and advertisers are able to target down to the city-level in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom," said Ted West, CEO and president of LookSmart.>

I mean ...........

< ......"Our publishers and search advertisers trust LookSmart to offer growth opportunities like internationalization  through our proven, independent ad serving platform.">

LookSmart Expands Pay-Per-Click Network to the UK and Australia  - 04/16/08
<......The LookSmart AdCenter is a white label, hosted ad serving platform used to monetize traffic through CPC search and contextual text ads. Empowering publishers and advertising networks to interconnect with each other, the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace significantly increases the volume of participants in advertising auctions and increases the overall revenue potential for publishers.>
............About LookSmart - LookSmart is an online advertising and technology company that provides performance solutions for online advertisers & publishers. ........................LookSmart offers advertisers targeted pay-per-click (NYSE:PPC) search advertising, contextual search advertising, and display banner advertising via its Advertiser Networks; and an Ad Center platform for customizable private-label advertiser solutions for online publishers. - and Pay Group International Join the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace as Premier Partners  - 02/07/08

And .....I wonder now (as to) whatever happened to the very mention of "display advertising" when "display" is said (by Google's Eric Schmidt) to be a growing market, and one that's worth some $23 billion?$23bn tipped for "the next big one".....

And it's claim to being an INDEPENDENT operator (the ONLY one perhaps?) of scale in a Global marketplace, has vanished from it's PR announcements. (The few bullish announcements, that it ever makes, that is)     

On the morning of it's Q2 results, the Co had proudly advised all .... 

PS; ......It is my opinion (also) that the over-night "course of sales" (as per the Nasdaq site) tells me that accumulation continues on with Market Makers doing their (old) "short and cover" tricks. With that priviledged "fractional" (cross-trade-like) transaction they make, to mostly try and generate sales at the price or, balance-up on their previous sale price volume of shares, they may have 'short' sold. Volume was low @ 24,436 with an av. daily volume now @ 30,000....

Looksmart are proud to have announced today that  -LookSmart AdCenter Named "Best Search Engine Ad Platform" Finalist by Search Engine Watch for Two Consecutive Years Business Wire (Mon 8:00am)

 BUT it surprises me greatly that Looksmart (who were once so proud to have been an "independent" inter-connector of AdNetworks and publishers, Globally) haven't used the very word INDEPENDENT in any of their announcements made since being awarded the winner of last years inaugural Search Engine Strategies' (SES) .. "Best Search Engine Ad Platform". 

<............. "This award belongs to our talented employees who have built a proven search advertising platform that advertisers trust to extend their PPC campaigns beyond major search engines," said Ted West, chief executive officer and president of LookSmart .....  "We are honored that Search Engine Strategies has validated our company's strategy as we continue to emerge as a leading independent Search Advertising Network.">

And whilst the share-price has lingered down as low as it is (got down to as low as $0.82cps in recent times) the Co has then been able to issue employment based options, with "strike rates" as low as $1.02cps .....


Looksmart (that has a little less that $30M in cash) has a market cap of just $23M on it's share-price close (today) of $1.34 .......The Co had also stated yesterday, that on a per share basis, the Company’s cash and investment balance was $1.74 as of June 30, 2009.

LookSmart Reports Second Quarter 2009 Results


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