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MSN - ASL - Yahoo and the Looksmart CC (2)

(Part 2 of a 'two part' instablog)

Continued from part (1)
Daniel Hung (a shareholder in Google, Microsoft and Yahoo), has further asks himself and readers ...

DH - Does Microsoft intend to continue to run MSN? As far as I’ve read, Yahoo’s ad deal does not cover Microsoft’s content properties. How will Microsoft monetize MSN now that its clear that its own Ad Center will not have reach into a much better trafficked search destination?

[ MSN will use it's 'chosen' YieldBuild on it's own "content" properties and I supect that Yahoo will do so, likewise. Newspaper sites will almost certainly fall into line, in time. With Bing search and the Yahoo (with a YieldBuild), alternative to Google & adsense. It's where many advertisers (agencies and ad networks) will want to be, and understandably so.

It's the critical point of the 'deal', apart from search, of course. With YeildBuild working on behalf of publishers and that global scale. (And providing that very same optimal pricing campaign management for publishers, as Looksmart's SmartRotation will be doing so, for advertisers.) It becomes a so obvious progression for large publisher networks to join in, the further this goes........

Both YieldBuild and SmartRotation allow for Google's adsense to be run, as a part of the comparitive pricing functionality of both offerings, is my understanding. So, should adsense be an automatic better return for a publisher spot being sold, YeildBuild will select that higher (than any other 'bid') priced Ad, accordingly.

But how long can it (adsense) really last when continually up against Looksmart's SmartRotation, that is offering to pay out to publishers (I believe), up to "92% in the dollar" in all such "click" transactions? The reason why Google bought DoubleClick was to be a part of this much more equitable (for both parties), evolution or, progression. [Revolution?]

Advertisers will always enjoy an 'averaged'  (consistantly) lower priced cost (and be graciously accepting the lowest publisher ask price on offer, ATT) and publishers will enjoy the higher percentage attached to,  whatever that click's worth, in return.

Looksmart (with it's "8% in the dollar" inter-connecting FEE), will enjoy the scale of it all and has obviously done so during the beta period, with it doing, (CC - Ted West) "During the second quarter, the platform processed well over 1billion search queries and delivered over 2.2 million paid clicks per day".

YieldBuild  re: MSN - YieldBuild and Looksmart....... IMHO, is built around MSN's Atlas and a Co they bought, in Rapt. re: MSN - YieldBuild and Looksmart....... 

And it appears that it was 'developed' under the same roof as Looksmart's SmartRotation. - re: MSN - YieldBuild and Looksmart....... it seems most likely too, that with with Looksmart's SmartRotation (and YieldBuild?) you can run Google's Adsense, at the same time. re: MSN - YieldBuild and Looksmart.......

From witin this post  re: Google saw it coming or, were told..... YieldBuild (I'm assuming - as a part of a name called publisher center) is described as such, that:  Microsoft's ad tool creates a unique national panel that it uses to help advertisers find the audiences they're looking for. (And a variety on offer?)

Now much has been written about MSN's use of YieldBuild re: MSN - YieldBuild - Looksmart (1) (they own it, is my honest opinion) and in this post here I brush on a reported kind of  "cosy-ness" (at the time) between big Ad Agencies and Microsoft - re: MSN -YieldBuild and Looksmart..(a)  - Surely those Agencies (the likes of a, Publicis) were "beta" testing with Looksmart's SmartRotation?
...........And some other publisher based Networks that I feel will all get to use YeildBuild (a 'privated labeled version, no doubt).- re: AdMeld - YieldBuild & SmartRotations . In the case of Turn, (re: The bottom line is Folks .....)  it may well be a Looksmart 'private labeled' publisher arrangement, the kind that (ASL) themselves would take on. To see them remain independent (on their own publisher data 'angle'), of MSN, Yahoo, for starters.....

The CC and Ted West......."We also expect to continue to exchange valuable keyword advertising fees under a separate and mutual distribution agreement between ASL and LookSmart in the future". 

ALL, just an opinion, of course.....

Disclosure: Happy to be a LOOK shareholder