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The Parliament Of The State Of Queensland Has Sealed The Statute Of Westminster 1931.

The following comment made from within a pretty 'savvy' Facebook Group [The Commonwealth of Australia] has opened up a large 'can of worms' that will surely (soon) have far reaching ramifications:

Finlay Cocks:

........."The Parliament of The State of Queensland (one of the Parliaments of Australia), has sealed the Statute of Westminster 1931.

The Parliament of Queensland is one of The States of Australia held in the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in the Australian System of Government where their sovereign is 'inherited' and the Prime Minister of Australia, being an individual private person representing Australian Citizens only, holds a signed commercial contract with the Prime Minister of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, being an individual private person only and representing Citizens of the United Kingdom.

By the granting of the Australia Act 1986 as held to the Corporations Act 2001 where at section 9 'act includes thing' (and not private living persons), these private people, being no more than members of political parties of governments 'foreign' to the private people (including the Queen) throughout the Queen's dominions hold no more authority over the sovereign people than any other private person as they do not hold the authority of the Crown.

Commonwealth of Australia is a 'foreign government and political subdivisions' as is the Parliament of the United Kingdom and is held to the sealed Charter of the United Nations.

They are private people in private parliaments who hold no living people, no assets and have no Queen and they have taken an unregistered executive interest in our Deed of Grant for Land.

As private people, they have no signed and sealed commercial contract between myself, my wife and the Queen, Mrs Elizabeth Mountbatten of the House of Windsor to interfere in our real property and impose rates over us for that property which is held in our will and testament, our inter vivos trust for our heirs and assigns"

Finlay Cocks: "Good people please read the above real carefully! Take notes if you wish. It is as DJW wrote and explains away the mystery that has been hidden from us all for the last 40 odd years."

< Finlay Cocks: "The Parliament of The State of Queensland (one of the Parliaments of Australia), has sealed the Statute of Westminster 1931. >

It can then go all the way back to the constitutional "unlawfulness" of the Statute of Westminster 1931.

Unlawful? Unconstitutional?

".... it is the Government of Australia that assumed sovereignty in 1931 with the Statute of Westminster and NOT the Australian people-which is where the authority has apparently come to change our constitution without referendum of the people."

The Statute of Westminster is so clearly UNLAWFUL - - as it was never ever approved contractually by "we" the people of Australia..via any Referendum, of the people.

READ that Story:

Always, only an opinion.

Ross Bradley

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