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Does MDC Partners Buy-out DG FastChannel (DGIT), in 2012?

... Looksmart (said to be now, a purely 'performance based' operation) may receive as little as 8% of the total CPC that's paid by advertisers, for it's 'middle-man' role within it's global marketplace.

Interesting to note....(Q4 Revenues)

It clearly IS a (uniquely independent) performance based marketplace.

In accepting my assumed (low) 8% 'toll' commission paid by advertisers to Looksmart (for each/every transaction had within its exclusive, global performance marketplace), and by taking a line through the Company's Advertiser Networks revenues (for the third quarter of 2011 -- they were up Q/Q from $6.3M to $7M), today's article by Darren Herman (below) becomes of real interest in more ways than one, I feel.

(And it could well confirm my own strong belief, in that Looksmart is now declaring it's "comprehensive income as revenue" ONLY, theory. Being just the percentage of each 'spend' that's being paid directly by agencies or, advertisers, straight to Looksmart.)

That means there's some 92% of what advertisers spend on the proven successful CPA/CPV performance advertising via Looksmart being passed on by those advertisers/agencies directly to publishers or, their respective network representations. To then see the latter (mentioned) 'slice' some more off, accordingly.

In his article "Marketing Technology behind $35 billion in holiday 2011", Darren Herman makes no mention of the performance 'share', at all.
Yet, he does add the possibly relative 3rd Party Ad Serving break-up: DoubleClick (55%), Microsoft Atlas (25%), ValueClick MediaPlex (35%), MediaMind (5%) ...  (Hell, it's only a paltry $70 million spend or, so during Q3 or,this Q4, if Looksmart's own 'cut' was even @ say, as high as 10%? - With Looksmart then having an annual advertising spend of some $300M through it's own marketplace?)

Understand exactly where I'm coming from with my "comprehensive income as revenues" (being declared by Looksmart)  theory, Folkz?

Darren Herman (who is the Chief Digital Media Officer of Varick Media Management's "The Media Kitchen" - - - a business that just happens to be owned by Looksmart Director Scott Kauffman's (other Co), in Canada's MDC Partners.

Darren (Herman) does have a 'proviso' or, his own 'disclosure' though:

"Since I work, play, and invest in the marketing technology ecosystem, I’m conflicted up the wazoo with many of the companies mentioned in this post as well, as, the data in the chart linked below.  I have done my best to tease out bias.  Please proceed with caution but honestly, I don’t think you need to."

Some "arse-covering' perhaps? Ha!  :)

Mergers and Aquisitions in 2012

I've had lots to say here of MDC Partners too, in the past...

With Darren's noting of MediaMind (5%) and that there's a plethora of M&A's 'on the card' in 2012 (unbeknownst to Darren) a 'get-together' with or, an MDC Partners' buy-out of yet another Co having Canadian representation (in DGIT), is certainly not exactly beyond the realms of possibility?

Gee .... 2012 can't come quick enough, Folkz!!  :)

Always, on an opinion.

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5. MDC Partners Inc. (NASDAQ:MDCA): Provides marketing communications services to customers internationally. Of the 6 analysts that research the stock, the lowest target price stands at $17, which implies a potential upside of 28.79% from current levels at $13.2. Over the last six months, insiders were net buyers of 35,000 shares, which represents about 0.16% of the company's 22.22M share float.

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Disclosure: Long LOOK & excited already re; 2012 & the future ahead.