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A World Without MONEY - Ever Thought About It? (Part B)

Continued on, from Part A

We will quickly find that LESS (of everything), will be required.

Intense MARKETING will become a thing of the past.

The existing wastage of 40% of all food produced, will cease to become wasted, for starters.

Sounds DULL? Or, should we continue down this road of "I win - you lose", for much longer? Because that is how all deals are done, these days. Causing friction and hatred between us all. :(

Comment: "Not until two things are giving up and done away with - Individualism + Ownership then we can aim for a world like that Ross."

Further from Stubborn Bull To be clear on what I mean..

Individualism = People thinking of only themselves and what they can get out of a certain situation..

Ownership = People wanting to have possessions that they allow to define who they are as BEings (people).

Land becomes free. Society says ....Use it or, lose it...

Stubborn Bull There's no such thing as "free". Free is just a word we use to define something we do not use currency to obtain...

What about just having "access" to all the things you will ever need. What a thought concept huh..

Having the ability to travel, and utilise YOUR own value (what you offer humanity), to help build a better world...

ALL existing Co's and businesses that are worth their 'salt', can still survive.

Worked mostly by, the very same people. For credits.

Credits they are deemed to be worth, by the people working within their own (already structured), organisation.

There will be many casualties. Sad, but true. Dead wood. :(

So, WHAT are YOU really "worth" to society?

Me? I ask myself that - because my pension will go.

I can do "paddle pop" work or, sit on 12 person juries, for (ONLY) criminal matters.

Older (retired) people have a lot to offer, in that regard.

So that we (too) can earn credit, to eat and to live respectfully.

All POWER, Water, telephones, will be free.

Pensioners (like me) can turn on our 'air-cons' once again.

Yet, mine hasn't been turned on, in the past 10 years or, more.

Why? You know that answer already.

Stubborn Bull I think the paradigm of the "business" needs to go Ross.

..............It only harbors and promotes greed amongst the owners unless the founder has put special purpose rules into the organisations constitution, lol, but we all know what happens when that "good" person passes away and leaves the door open for fresh blood don't we AUSTRALIA.

No. There are no "owners". All businesses are forever run and owned by, the people.

"Public servant" (those, no longer required to work for the people), will have a need to retrain themselves or, 'credit' their 'expertise' by finding a niche for it.

Do you think that parents won't teach their children about "life"?

Instead of children telling parents now - how they want to live?

Media co's all over the world suddenly become owned, by the people.

Mostly advising people, of the "how to and what to" do...

Continued in Part C