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A World Without MONEY - Ever Thought About It? (Part C)

Continued on from Part B

ALL mortgages will vanish. Banks will no longer exist.

"Hold all positions"? Will the army "come for us"?

Who pays them to and what with?

When there's no 'worth' in MONEY, any more.

Q - Cosmic Debris Would there be a minimum credit per hour for basic laboring? More for more skilled? What about people that drive down the road on the wrong side of the street ? Literally? How will this be policed? The same?

CD ...It's what you are worth...If you feel you are not getting a good deal, you move on or, you are moved on.

Now it may take 5 or, more years until things settle...for a life-time of FREEDOM ahead?

People will learn to get along, very quickly or, starve.

"What about people that drive down the road on the wrong side of the street?"

Society won't feed them. Where will they get the fuel to do that from? Will we teach our kids "values" or, see them drive down the wrong side of the street? My son doesn't?

We'll certainly need a police service (just as we will need prisons 'serviced'), yet they will only be required for "harm" and "trespass" matters.

Crimes against other people/property or, the people's property.

Synthetic drugs will almost will corruption.

Who wants to pay "hard earned" credits, for natural stuff that you can grow in your own back-yard?

Including mushrooms, wattle or, whatever?

Brewery's, wine growers, etc, will obviously still get to exist.

Will the likes of MONSANTO get a jumper? Hardly!!!!!!!!!

Will hard working farmers get a fair deal for working their passion?

Mechanics? Shit carters? People who mow lawns in parks etc?

Think of all those other roles...


Will fruit and vege's grow in parks? (With fruit spliced onto suitable Tree's in both parks and along streets?)

Good judges will survive. They will 'show their hand', in the months ahead. Their role is to assist the jury. Help guide them. That's all.

Everything will be produced ONLY on a supply and demand or, a society needs basis. LESS resources will be ripped out of the earth.

No more wars. War equipment.

ALL Water will be free of fluoride. Who'd object to that?

Stubborn Bull Certainly not me Ross. All sounds good, shall we start working on making it happen now People

Neighbors will once again start to converse with (trust) each other... We will ALL have a need to, won't we!!

Or, should we sit back and let THEM fark it up more for us, before we all start to want to see the change for, a better world, for ALL of us.

And, NOT just the few, of us.."I'm all-right jack/jill", is selfish! (NYSE:SB) "She'll be right mate.." Look what has happened since that was 1st said?

We can still 'save" our credits for a trip to Paris, Rome or, Spain or, wherever. Or, 'piss it up against the wall' at our local.

Our choice. Just don't let society see you want to try and drive home, pissed. Self regulating, over time.

What did JFK say? ... "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

It's what we can ALL do together for, a FREE world.

Do we really want to see men, women and kids around the world smashed by bombs, killed, maimed and "chemically destroyed" for their remaining life? I don't.

With the Judiciary on the people's side...all, acting can all happen, much quicker than anyone could ever imagine.

Can we get their support?

No more "legal" arguments...Only those TEN think about.

The rest comes from "values" we learn to teach our kids.

"Peer pressure" (among kids), does a complete back-flip then..

In a generation or, two...think about it folks...they will love us, for giving them their FREEDOM, ad finitum.

And all .....Without a hand lifted, in anger.

And IF we were all thrown into a world where there is no MONEY (and we had to survive on the trading of our "value" with each other to survive - or, starve to death), wouldn't this then become an immediate answer to the over-population of the world, perceived, problem?

Sorry Folks...For my "thinking out loud"...