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MONEY? It's The Beginning Of The End Of It - When People Start To Realize

From within a Facebook discussion group ("How to get out of paying fines, rego, fees and tolls") the simple question was asked:

"Does anyone have anything useful on getting rid of Bank Debt? In anyway shape or form?"

My stock standard recent reply came:

If we were to destroy Money we'd then destroy the Corporations.


It becomes a case of knowing just who we are, in being 'living flesh and blood' men and women.

What is a Person-Black's Law (See short video)

Person - Black's Law Dictionary 6th Edition, pg. 791, defines 'person' as follows: "In general usage, a human being (i.e. natural person), though by statute term may include labor organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers."

So (as people), we are a 'living flesh and blood' men/women and we (as a result of many UNlawful Trusts established by governments and corporations) also have any number of 'corporate' persons that have been established from off our Birth Certificate "NAME" and that are purely designed to "Rob" us all.

I wrote another comment (in the group), that goes as follows:

When people in numbers start to realize that they/we ARE in fact the "the living beneficiaries of the public trusts" (and learn to understand what this all means - it's all been discussed at length here in this group), then the sh#t may start to 'hit the fan', all over town. (Over the world, in fact.)

I mean.... Are they disclosing to us (thanks Annie I), that they are the 'trustees' of these trusts - so therefore they cannot receive the benefits of them as trusts and that they try to make us the 'trustees' every time they write our name or call us by our corporate person's name, and that they fully intend to Rob us?

The good news (I feel) is that when we people as 'the living flesh and blood person' and living beneficiary decide to direct them (as being the trustee), to close down that trust .. and with no further involvement or, action required - our supposed 'debt', then vanishes.

Because of their not telling us any of this via "disclosure" it is Deceit.

Deceit ='s Fraud. And 'fraud' folks, is a crime.


The Holy SEE and Pope Francis

"As far as the Vatican itself is concerned, it is clear that Private International Law, and Law Merchant, and Admiralty Maritime [Martial] Law, are different names for Canon Law, which comes from the Vatican." ......"Growing dominance of the world by Europe and America has brought nine-tenths of the civilized portions of the earth under the civil law and the common law in about equal portions." >

....."Above all other tribunals, both civil and ecclesiastical, stands the Pope as the supreme tribunal of last resort for all the litigation of the world. From his decisions there is no appeal. Under the canon law the Pope sits in judgment on all civil powers.

Appeals from their highest tribunals go directly to him. But no appeal lies from his decisions, and only God is permitted to judge him.

Any attempt to appeal from the judgment of the Pope incurs the severest ecclesiastical penalties." [Page 10]

Quote: "Institutions and legal systems that cannot endure full and exhaustive investigation have no legitimate place in the twentieth century." [Bottom Page 5]

Full Story (research):

And the news is....

That since September 1, 2013, all the judges, lawyers, police, government officials, and all/any of those posing as government officials, and all officers of corporate franchises and entities organized under the auspices of the UNITED STATES and its STATE franchises become fully, personally, and commercially liable for their actions and omissions against the living beneficiaries of the public trusts"

A great understanding -

Significance of the Papal Decree 08/20 by Friends of Liberty Radio ...

Now, this new "law" (from Rome) is telling us that as a result of this non disclosure (a "non-disclosure" that is an act of Deceit/Fraud), we can now have any and all those 'living flesh and blood' persons acting in fraudulent deceit, brought before the courts and held to accountability.

Yet we (as the good little "slaves" that we are) just haven't bothered ourselves to want to understand any of this so we are happy to go on subscribing to, this total fraud. Funny, that. We let them Rob us.

Larkin Rose explains it so simply within his "I'm Allowed to Rob You"

Do our Councils tell us this? In relation to their Rates and FEES and Parking Fines? That they are going to Rob us?

Does Taxation (the IRS or, ATO) ever tell us of this?

Do transport corporations around the world tell people of this? (Re, Registrations and Licences?)

Do Telco's, power supply Corporations tell us (disclose) anything about this fraud they are going to impose upon us all? To Rob us?

If you have answered NO to any of this, you are now on the road to understanding exactly what this CRIME that is being committed against us (by the individual people within these corporations), is all about.

And anyone that thinks (and in law) that they can't attend and present a case within the Admiralty law of the courts today (and in a court of record) and in their not be appearing as being 'the living flesh and blood person' and who may feel that they must appear as a corporate 'fiction' only - must surely have 'rocks in their head'?


Because the Pope (who makes the law), has virtually said so.

How else (if not presenting as the living beneficiary?), are we to now make all the judges, lawyers, police, government officials, and all those posing as government officials, and all officers of corporate franchises and entities organized under the auspices of the UNITED STATES and its STATE franchises become fully, personally, and commercially liable for their actions and omissions against the living beneficiaries of the public trusts?

[AUSTRALIA's now a STATE franchise of or, within the UNITED STATES.]

I mean, we (mostly all people) are the 'the living beneficiaries' of these UNlawful public trusts, no?

We will be presenting as 'living flesh and blood' persons (not fictions), before the court.

In relation to the Pope and the law, it is fair to say that the Pope not only "controls" all the corporations in the world from the Holy SEE -he actually makes the LAW for them, too! For all of us.

(Including our own Lawful CQV Trust and each and every UNlawful Trust that has been established by the corporations including all constructed by our own government/s, Councils, Banks, Telco's, ISP's, etc)

True or, False?

This website linked below - claims that it can 'guide your lender to settle your outstanding balance without harm to the lender' and without looking into their method of doing so, I have no reason to doubt any of this as being a possibility.

And what I am saying is that there's the potential for people to do all this themselves - with both an understanding and knowing of, the law.

Freedom In Action - Papal Decree - Gold Shield Alliance

Just a thought or, two.


ps; "The SYSTEM is Working" !!!