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The 'Lawmaker' [The Pope] Has Said So.

All CONtracted employees within the State Penalties Enforcement Registry of the (SEC Listed - see the link below) QUEENSLAND TREASURY CORP that collects unpaid fines and court-ordered penalties - are now acting UNlawfully.

Certainly they are, since September 1st, 2013.

People need to fully comprehend that no man/women from SPER can 'punish' anyone for not paying Tolls, Parking Fines, Speeding Tickets or, whatever.

They cannot "Harm" us by suspending our driver Licence, at Law.

Certainly if our/your earning capacity depends on holding a (this), corporate entity.

If you have committed a crime (have, caused harm to another or, to another's property), you must then face a court of law and be tried for the alleged crime you are said to have committed. That's the law.

If you do not consent to the jurisdiction of the corporations calling themselves government, then there's no crime committed.

(No harm done to another person/property.)

In the many social discussion groups over on Facebook ,etc we can quote Statutes and Acts until 'the cows come home'. And we do.

Yet the fact is - that to most Australian men/women (and for others all over the world), they are not law.

They only become law, if we (living men/women) consent to them being so, in a statute/magistrate court. (Courts, dealing in 'fiction'.)

The same applies (in reverse) in any competent 'court of record' today, here in Australia. They (state Statutes and Acts), are not law.

The courts are now in a maritime jurisdiction. They can't hear anything that is not law.

In regards to Tolls, etc ... the same applies as it does to Council Rates or, any other matter that concerns 'Councils' and I'll tell you why.

I have just gone to my 'notes' - titled, "COUNCILS - Defense"

....... If SPER [or, local Councils] feel that they get their "power" to act in any such way from Statutes or, Acts made by or, handed down to them by living men/women in a/the corporate government - then what if these same Statutes and Acts do not apply to the living flesh and blood man/women?

Unless we consent to them doing/being so?

With no consent given (to Statutes and Acts), where does that leave SPER?

[Or, Councils with their Rates NOTICES?]

No living flesh and blood man/women (contracted within corporate Government/s and or, councils - and or, in state govt/corporations, like SPER), can make a "law" over a fellow living flesh and blood man/women that is binding. (Let alone have these same living flesh and blood man/women dare punish another living man or, women.)

This would clearly be slavery.

We are all indeed slaves, should we (as living flesh and blood men/women) consent to any such Statutes or, Acts (that are only corporate rules), as being "law" (as they are not), and that should be clear to all.

And the 'lawmaker' [the Pope] has said so. - We are just simply, not listening to the lawmaker.

Is my own opinion.