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Carpe Diem - LOSE The NAME - WIN The GAME

When Dean Hopkins (14 hrs · Perth) stated the pure GREED of Telstra to start a Facebook 'conversation', I joined in myself.

"THE TELSTRA MONEY GRAB: Wanted to charge me an extra $2 per bill to send it in the post rather than by email....."

Estie Esteban: "Don't even question, require of them. Let them know these are your wishes, and to respect them, as per the contract."

My own reply just now:

Interesting conversation, Dean and Estie ...

< "Don't even question, require of them." >

Yes. We must remember that in all of these contracts (including those supposedly with the ATO, local councils, Rego, Licence, Telcos, Power suppliers, even Home Loans, Bank Cards, etc), we are in fact, the 'living beneficiary' of that trust - and that we hold the 'power' if and whenever we ever decide to expose the NAME fraud to them, of the Trust.


[And] That we are NOT the Trustee (not the NAME), not that ALL or, part CAPS NAME and that it is THEY who will do anything we request and all that we require of them ("I do NOT consent" to being that NAME/person), certainly in regards to any Late payment FEES, hidden charges or, whatever (including cancellation of a contract), and whenever we may wish to do so.

CORPORATIONS don't "own" anyone. Unless we give them ownership?

Hi I'm Estie.. I'm ringing re; the accnt # in the NAME of ESTIE ESTEBAN

As Estie, you are the Living Beneficiary of their Trust.

We, and by advising them that we are NOT that NAME and that we only maintain the account on behalf of that NAME and as such (and in being a living flesh and blood man/women), we will 'call the shots' on anything we wish to do with that account-certainly over any decision any living flesh and blood man/women who may be working within that 'dead fiction' corporation, who may want to try and tell us something different. As it is simply not their account, for them to do so.

Carpe Diem

"Live now":

Always, only an opinion.