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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (& a 67 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
  • CAROL BARTZ 4 comments
    Jan 24, 2010 5:26 PM
    CENSORSHIP is 'alive and well' on the Yahoo! Finance Message Boards - Yahoo! advise members of the following:

    "What improvements would you like in Yahoo! Finance Message Boards? Please send us feedback." Please check the feedback area for my following point being made on CENSORSHIP.

    My reply:

    Yahoo .... Thanks for this opportunity to strongly suggest that you have a flawed policy on Posts being "deleted", on your chat boards.

    The daily "censorship" of posts to the LOOK board needs attention from the highest level .... My three posts today (are below), so let's now see just how long they last?

    This is costing Yahoo "impression" revenues besides being good, old fashioned censorship that goes agains the very core of "freedom of expression"....

    IF your own means of (the TOU button) having posts deleted is FLAWED, then fix it?

    Subject Author Rating Time Posted (NYSE:ET)  
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    lookingconfidenta... Rate it 24-Jan-10 04:09 pm

    SHAREHOLDERS - Be aware... 25 minutes ago Shareholders should take note that certain posts containing relevant (& important) information continue to be "DELETED" by the pair of "fascist minded" GRUBS here, who watch over this board like hawks.

    So much for Hillary Clinton telling China of their dastardly "censorship" and how they should clean up their draconic ways.

    And we get to celebrate "Australia Day" over here tomorrow? Whaaaaaaaaat???

    It would appear that what Looksmart's own Gill Brown has to say, is not considered as being "fit" for consumption here on the Looksmart board.


    Recent POSTS (and whole threads) removed, include some of the following.

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    Subject Author Rating Time Posted (ET)

    Re: Google and LOOK
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    Re: Gill Brown with the "good oil"....
    ##.. ...
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    Google and LOOK
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    Sentiment: Strong Sell smugglereturn Rate it 46 minutes ago

    Re: 12,000 odd Posts Deleted today in OZ ....
    "Best we look in our "own" backyards, me thinks... For censorship is very much "alive and well"... onestockrock

    How sad it that? And these kind of people are entrusted to decide what is right or, wrong to read in your life? More fool the people, I say. And if the cap fits, then wear it....And more fool to Yahoo! for allowing such a blatant form of censorship going on, on it's site.



    I simply post an opinion and as a LOOK shareholder am not at all about the winning of any popularity contest, with my opinion expressed. I simply wish to retain as a member, my right to express such opinions.

    Please. Can you help?


    ps; It is not good enough to see posts being deleted, simply because ..."we don't like him and the things he says"

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  • LookingConfident
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Statement: Hillary Clinton on internet freedom
    By Hillary Clinton


    Published: January 21 2010 18:59 | Last updated: January 21 2010 18:59




    Remarks by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Internet Freedom, January 21, 2010


    The Newseum, Washington, D.C.


    SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you very much, Alberto, for not only that kind introduction but you and your colleagues’ leadership of this important institution. It’s a pleasure to be here at the Newseum. The Newseum is a monument to some of our most precious freedoms, and I’m grateful for this opportunity to discuss how those freedoms apply to the challenges of the 21st century.


    Although I can’t see all of you because in settings like this, the lights are in my eyes and you are in the dark, I know that there are many friends and former colleagues. I wish to acknowledge Charles Overby, the CEO of Freedom Forum here at the Newseum; Senator Richard Lugar* and Senator Joe Lieberman, my former colleagues in the Senate, both of whom worked for passage of the Voice Act, which speaks to Congress’s and the American people’s commitment to internet freedom, a commitment that crosses party lines and branches of government.


    Also, I’m told here as well are Senator Sam Brownback, Senator Ted Kaufman, Representative Loretta Sanchez, many representatives of the Diplomatic Corps, ambassadors, chargés, participants in our International Visitor Leadership Program on internet freedom from China, Colombia, Iran, and Lebanon, and Moldova. And I also want to acknowledge Walter Isaacson, president of the Aspen Institute, recently named to our Broadcasting Board of Governors and, of course, instrumental in supporting the work on internet freedom that the Aspen Institute has been doing.


    This is an important speech on a very important subject. But before I begin, I want to just speak briefly about Haiti, because during the last eight days, the people of Haiti and the people of the world have joined together to deal with a tragedy of staggering proportions. Our hemisphere has seen its share of hardship, but there are few precedents for the situation we’re facing in Port-au-Prince. Communication networks have played a critical role in our response. They were, of course, decimated and in many places totally destroyed. And in the hours after the quake, we worked with partners in the private sector; first, to set up the text “HAITI” campaign so that mobile phone users in the United States could donate to relief efforts via text messages. That initiative has been a showcase for the generosity of the American people, and thus far, it’s raised over $25 million for recovery efforts.


    The spread of information networks is forming a new nervous system for our planet. When something happens in Haiti or Hunan, the rest of us learn about it in real time – from real people. And we can respond in real time as well. Americans eager to help in the aftermath of a disaster and the girl trapped in the supermarket are connected in ways that were not even imagined a year ago, even a generation ago. That same principle applies to almost all of humanity today. As we sit here, any of you – or maybe more likely, any of our children – can take out the tools that many carry every day and transmit this discussion to billions across the world.


    Now, in many respects, information has never been so free. There are more ways to spread more ideas to more people than at any moment in history. And even in authoritarian countries, information networks are helping people discover new facts and making governments more accountable


    bla, bla, bla ....






    "...in many respects, information has never been so free. There are more ways to spread more ideas to more people than at any moment in history."


    Just not in your own homeland Hillary, here on Yahoo.


    24 Jan 2010, 06:01 PM Reply Like
  • LookingConfident
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » .
    And it's known "grubs" like MIKE MORA (the principal of a Fresno California small business) that is undermining the very principles of "FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION" on the Internet.




    His reply to my complaining of having posts deleted in my own (home) Country, here in Australia.


    < "ShareCafe.com.au has not only deleted all my many hours of work, they have totally blocked my IP Address from my getting anywhere near their... More »" >


    As would Yahoo if they had the means. You have had more that 40 ID's removed from this forum. Your IP address was banned from Investor Village too, PERMANENTLY, why?


    It's not the MM's, not Ted West, not Dave Hills or Smith or Kellerman, nor me or Smuggler.


    It's because of 30,000 to 40,000 posts telling people to "buy all you can".


    Blatant ramping of an issue that has had a one way slide 10 years running. You have been labeled a fraud by every message board forum that has gotten to know your angle.


    The fact you are astounded and long faced about this means you are just not that smart old man.


    And Investor Village? My IP banned? Oh yeah ... Here's the very same Mike Mora (doing his job), "working the Co over", in his own inimitable style. (As, 'CaliforniaSunover')


    He's a hypocrite?


    I'll leave that for readers to make up your own minds on that question.




    3033 CEO West Sacked, Board member takes over, Stock $1 GN californiasunlover 12/16/2009 4:37:37 PM


    3032 ICLK.ob is a better bet for investors GN californiasunlover 6/30/2009 6:13:55 PM


    3031 Re: ASK/IAC dumps LOOK AdCenter GN californiasunlover 5/21/2009 9:2




    You think this is some kind of a "joke"?


    Ring or, call in and speak with Mike Mora and talk with him about his Yahoo Finance "stock board" activities, why don't you?


    Mike Mora's address and phone are: 1099 East Champlain Drive, Suite A151 | Fresno CA 93720 | 559.433.9840


    Ask him to take control of your own internet advertising "spend", perhaps? He is so knowledgeable on the subject. He'll tell you personally.




    24 Jan 2010, 06:26 PM Reply Like
  • LookingConfident
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » .
    It may come as a surprise to Mike Mora (from Fresno California) and a couple of other's over on that Yahoo LOOK board that I happen to be a current Blue Card Holder in Qld, here in Australia. These cards are renewed each 12 months.


    It's clear that Mike Mora and two other upstanding posters would have people believe, that the authority who oversee cardholders (and the issue of such - Queensland Police), must clearly be wrong in their own judgement they have made on myself.




    Funny, isn't it? Me being 'branded' as a dangerous person by Mike Mora and yet Queensland Police don't quite see this as being the case .....


    How sad is this fool from Fresno California, I ask?


    7 Feb 2010, 03:03 PM Reply Like
  • LookingConfident
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Super Site in TechCrunch is suffering from a similar problem as myself. The site (it would appear) has been blocked in China.


    Yes, CENSORED !!!!


    Just as YAHOO Finance have been doing to the majority of my posts and daily.


    I have replied (among many replies) to the TechCrunch Article as follows:


    [ LookingConfident - February 9th, 2010 at 8:59 pm UTC ]




    Yahoo Finance have been deleting my posts to the Looksmart (LOOK) board (on a regular basis), and for a number of years now.


    There is no warning whatsoever. Most of the time my thoughts are (only), all relating soley to the prospects of the Co, as I am seeing it. An opinion.


    [At times, I have a need to get right 'down in the gutter' to meet them at their own level. - It's what they, only understand]


    Yet, we seem to have a god-given right to tell another country off about their own censorship?




    It’s a disgrace (for, both China and Yahoo Finance) and the latter is just a next step before a more serious fascist problem arrives across the net.


    The leader of the “brown shirt brigade” (and board ‘watcher’ – appointed by Looksmart?), replies as such, below. - (God only knows that Looksmart have their own problems but to manifest this out onto the web is so wrong to do so.)


    ........“…your posts are deleted because they are crap. Lies, conjecture, libelous, criminal fraud.”




    My full entry of posts on Investor Village were deleted, likewise. And over here in Australia, too. - No reason given in reply to my request for same. And this same Fresno California small business operator (and, the board ‘watcher’) who does claim to ‘trade’ the stock has even referred (in a post), to the board moderator.




    Has anyone seen the kind of rubbish sometimes posted to some of the boards on Yahoo Finance?




    It’s a disgrace, it really is.


    Hold your position TechCrunch … A ’stand’ is needed as a start and any other such un-called for situations need to be well and truly hounded down, on the web. And in regards to my being censored, there are many sites in Australia that have done, likewise. For speaking my mind?


    “Divide and conquer” was never so easy as it is on the web and China well know that, is my opinion. Thanks for this opportunity to comment on your article.






    Cheers to shareholders. Not long to wait now, is my honest opinion. [IMHO]


    10 Feb 2010, 12:23 AM Reply Like
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