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"The Fox Guarding the Hen House"

Most often there are two sides to every story. - Opinions can differ and the right to speak your mind is the kind of freedom we should all have and treasure.

But when others disagree and they then "attack" personally, rather than debate (as can be seen on chat boards all over the web), it almost virtually declares what is a 'lost' position in my calculations. - For they simply 'hit and run'. - Even tell lies and generally resort to no less than "trolling", rather than to make a point and then (correct or, incorrect), defending it.

In an article "The Fox Guarding the Hen House" (well worth a read), David Koretz throws down the gauntlet to Mr Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). (And a  body that Looksmart's own recently departed CEO Ted West lost his "Board" position with.)

David Koretz writes:

< My latest MediaPost column attracted the ire of none other than Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

So incensed with my accusation that many publishers abuse consumer privacy, he resorted to ad hominem attacks, going so far as to accuse me of "conning my readers."

Sadly, ignoring his bluster, Mr. Rothenberg is just doing his job.

A Vehicle for Influence

The IAB is an association of 375 media and technology companies whose livelihood depends on advertising, much like many of the readers of Online Publishing Insider. These publishers pay dues every year to keep Mr. Rothenberg gainfully employed defending their interests

< He Doth Protest Too Much

As a capitalist, I take no issue with the IAB's efforts to curry favor.

As a consumer, however, I find it incredibly ironic that the proposed solution to publishers invading consumers' privacy is to have those very same publishers advertise to them about how to protect it

< The Challenge

Since Mr. Rothenberg gets paid to advance the agenda of publishers, I am formally offering him the opportunity to earn his keep, by debating the issue of consumer privacy with me live at an upcoming MediaPost event.

How about it, Mr. Rothenberg, are you up to the challenge? - You bring the statistics; I'll bring the common sense


MediaPost Publications The Fox Guarding the Hen House 01/29/2010

Will Mr. Rothenberg accept the David Koretz

I doubt it. His type is typical of the "hit and run" mentality of the kind I make mention of, above. Where any semblance of logic and fair play is totally non existent, in their comfortable little 'corners of the world'.