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Looksmart - "We have signed Facebook" - AdCenter deal

Facebook had just 9 million users (members) at the time. Yet, some Looksmart shareholders had reason to be excited. Lots were happening in those early years of Facebook in spite of a number of (the usual) 'furphies' that were always a-plenty. ......

It was Loren Baker (posting from in his SearchEngine Journal), who had reported one of the very strongest of rumours at the time, when he told all, of......  

"Yahoo Buying Facebook for $1 Billion.

He had also 'noted' that:
"Facebook currently serves banner advertising provided by the Microsoft adCenter network and also utilizes the Looksmart AdCenter enterprise technology for serving their own ads." .

Andy Beal (Marketing Pilgrim) wrote:

Does Microsoft, Facebook Pact Leave LookSmart Out in the Cold? .

  < .........Late Tuesday evening, Microsoft announced that Facebook had agreed to allow the software company to provide search & advertising listings to Facebook’s 9 million users. The Wall Street Journal reported that the arrangement was for three years.
So where does this leave LookSmart? Jilted at the altar?

recently announced  [Note: This Link that had Looksmart's CEO advising of the Facebook AdCenter deal - has long been "killed"], the same type of deal with Facebook and I met with CEO Dave Hills recently and he seemed very excited to have Facebook as an ad-partner.

[That the "deal" was announced in a CC (or, it may well have been a webcast?), has no doubt, in that I had heard it myself. A number of times, in my replaying of the broadcast.]
< So has LookSmart been dumped, or is there still room for them? I’ll email Dave Hills and let you know what he has to say.
UPDATE: Here’s a statement from LookSmart’s PR contact, Carmella Lyman. "It's my understanding that the deal is still on."  We’ll let you know if CEO, David Hills, adds anything else.>

Facebook remain most likely to be a "strong" (private label) Looksmart AdCenter partner and would appear to me, to have been for all these years. IMHO.

No mention of Facebook in my previous two InstaBlog posts [Looksmart's CEO told, that shareholders expect much more than is given] and likewise, none in the following  [Looksmart - Circumstantial evidence - Microsoft/Newscorp... or, both?], yet (again), more recent circumstantial evidence found may prove that the initial Facebook partnership with Looksmart, still very much stands.
The news around Adobe's Omniture (alone) is compelling and is a strong link to the (neutral) "inter-connecting" Looksmart AdCenter (compatibility), equation. In my blog [ Looksmart to report it's Q4 2009 on 11th of March? ] there was some earlier news of:
Omniture - Content Network Optimization

*Create campaigns for the Google, Yahoo! and M [Microsoft] content networks from a single interface

* Measure cost per acquisition increases separate from keyword search ads

*Eliminate underperforming content network ads

SearchCenter [Key Features]

Looksmart's AdCenter (and, with it's private labeled API for both publisher and advertiser) is designed specifically to (also) provide a 'separation' for the larger portals, and certainly would be the case, with any Facebook involvement. This unique feature will prove most efficient in allowing both the Microsoft and Yahoo entities, to then "compete" against each other, in (or, through-out) their 10 year search and advertising "deal". (More on that in another post).

And as is the case with Omniture, the Omniture Publish is a "full-on" involvement with publishers (plus analytics and advertisers), so they (too) have that "need" to remain 'neutral" in their SearchCenter offerings.
< Facebook advertising is getting more deeply integrated into this service, called SearchCenter Plus.  Omniture has been active on Facebook since last year, although without an official partnership. It already offers tools for tracking traffic on Facebook applications as part of its SiteCatalyst web and mobile analytics service for advertisers; we’ve mentioned it in use by 1-800-Flowers’ Page.> 

 I had gone as far as suggesting that it was almost a case of: 

Omniture 'standardising' Analytics - 'Line in the sand' clearly drawn -

In my comments here [5 comments] I introduced China's Baidu and a "refresh" of a number of Looksmart announcements over the recent years - - - - that do show Omniture as being a long time partner of Looksmart.  Giant (China's Google?) Baidu are also doing a deal with suspect AdCenter partner (with LinkShare's parent Co), in Rakuten. (Besides, a controlling 'interest', in Thailand)

 < Omniture doesn’t appear to be getting any sort of special access to Facebook data, or to customers, through the deal. Rather, this is about bringing Facebook getting more access to big advertisers through Omniture; it makes money here by selling access to its high-end services.>
<There are only a few companies [suspect, too] who help advertisers buy Facebook performance ads via the advertising APIs in beta today, like 77 Agency, Techlightenment (see Notes, below), TBG London and Tradimax.> 
 < Specifically, here’s what’s how it works. Omniture’s SiteCatalyst tool measures demographic segments, number of friends, types of social activity, friend invites, what portion of an app users spend time on, and how all of this engagement leads to actual sales. It launched a Facebook app measurement version in late May.
 The tool has now been integrated by Alvenda, a company that builds white-label storefront widgets for companies including 1-800-Flowers; the florist’s storefront, launched in early July, lets consumers on sites like Facebook make purchases without having to leave the page.>
< LinkShare clients are Fortune 500 and prominent companies doing business online, and include J.C. Penney,, American Express, Avon Products and Dell. > 

Both Click Forensic & LinkShare on the same panel & the "keynote" speaker is one of LinkShare's leading online customers, in 1-800>

ClickForensic appears to be a 'most commonly' used, by all partners.

[PromotionWorld : Yahoo and Click Forensic Shall Now Fight Click Fraud]
Alvenda - Board of Advisors  -
Alvenda has organized a team of industry visionaries and leaders to help us develop a valuable offering for our customers and a strong growing company. Tom Kersten - National Industry Director, Microsoft Advertising - Hellooo?

Tom Kersten, Microsoft Corporation - NRF 100th Annual Convention ... - Cached
National Retail Director Microsoft Corporation Seattle WA United States. Tom currently drives the Retail industries' advertising strategy for Microsoft's ... Tom also sits on the Board of Advisors for Alvenda Corp, a commerce based ...]

 Moving along:
Largest Ad Network on Facebook, LifeStreet Media, Acquires Ad Network Business ... - - ‎Mar 1, 2010‎ -For more information:
visit: The SocialCash team is an eclectic mix of developers and advertising industry experts. ...

(See note below re; traffic to and from

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reaches millions of consumers across the globe each month, serving over 8 billion impressions on the largest social networks and web publishers.-
 And yet another (potential) private labeled AdCenter partner of Looksmart. In my opinion as always. And why not?

Disclosure: Long LOOK - Happy to be so.

Notes: (The "French Connection" wasn't paid his 'bonuses' for nothing, ok?)

Vivaki partners with Facebook for social media launch, BzzAgent, Converseon, GoViral and Techlightenment, will combine with a number of Publicis ... partnerships with and Techlightenment, VivaKi agencies will have the ability to access social ... to participate directly in the social web through the development engaging social experiences. Techlightenment ... By Staff / Brand Republic 06-Mar-09
 Techlightenment - search - Brand Republic - search results from ...

It is clear that this IAC owned site may have a lot to do with traffic relating to LifeStreetMedia.
Trailing 7 days Trailing 1 month Trailing 3 months Trailing 6 months Max
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According to eHow ...

MyWebeSearch is a toolbar that you can download for your web browser. It allows users to search anywhere from the web using popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, LookSmart and

[So, it's fair to say that LOOK are there in the "mix" with AdCenter, no?]