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Longstanding investor in Looksmart (& a 67 yr old ex-tradesman), who has a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers along with their success in all their monetisation attempts made, on the web. For the "times are indeed, a changin", I feel. [17th of Aug, 2011 - Print media... More
  • Looksmart's enviable "INDEPENDENT" position is missed by the market 2 comments
    Apr 15, 2010 10:33 PM

    Looksmart AdCenter has been built to scale and reaches out to advertisers and publishers across the web. 

    For advertisers (DSP's, Agencies, Brands and or, 'mom & pop' businesses), we are told by Looksmart that with LOOK's AdCenter's Geo-Targeting, it allows your ads to receive traffic from web users in specific geographic areas that you designate.

    What Geo-Targeting options are available?

    Geo -Targeting is performed at the campaign level and is available for regions as large as a country or narrow as a postal code.

    Specifically, there are four geographic types you can use to target your campaigns:

    • Country
    • State or Region
    • City / Designated Marketing Area
    • Postal Code
    [Looksmart's CEO told, that shareholders expect much more than is]

    Let's forget all about my assumption that many platforms out there offering global reach are (in fact) private labels of the above 'scale' that's being offered by Looksmart. (Just as the REED Publishing's "KellySearch" is also, as is shown within that above linked post.)

    Let's (also) forget the (my) thought that AdCenter was built in corroboration with Microsoft (using parts from Atlas & RAPT - acquired by Microsoft) and with the use of some 200 of Newscorp's myspace.com engineers & all being domiciled under the same roof, down at the 'old' Looksmart HQR's, in 265 Second St, San Francisco.

    [3/3/2011 - With RTB - real time bidding also provided by Microsoft's purchase of AdECN - seekingalpha.com/user/36191/instablog/se...]

    Let's now assume that there have been an almighty 'blow-up' since those early co-operative days and we are now (ALL) going in our own separate ways. All (the three of us) now wanting to do our "own" thing ...All having a firm hand on a 'same' designed, INDEPENDENT (scaled) operation, that Looksmart's AdCenter is.

    So we are back (full-on) co-peting against each other, ok?

    We (Microsoft) have Yahoo and possibly most of it's YPN to work with. And Newscorp? Well, we have the majority of World newspapers that will probably stick with us? (http.wn.com).

    And Looksmart? All dressed up and no-where to go, once again? And left with that ugly realisation that we are now being 'marginalised' by our two powerful 'bed-buddies', that we have been entertained by? - But wait.....

    We have almost forgot about Google, who are very much still "powering along", seemingly without a care in the world. Google?

    Have we forgot already?

    < Google (it would seem?) must then be able to operate in a neutral 'fashion' that 'independently' allows them now to 'fairly' bid for their own publisher inventory, and to the satisfaction (we can only assume) of all ad buyers that operate in the DoubleClick Ad Exchange marketplace.>

    [Looksmart has that (neutral) global scale within it's AdCenter]

    Looksmart would then (as a "free" agent to do it's 'own' thing too) more than likely be sitting down with Google (who have even said today, that they are on the acquisition path), and get to become it's very own "inter-operability" middle-man.  More power to Google!

    [3/3/2011 - Google have since acquired Invite Media, as a 'gate-way' to the 'secondary' marketplace and to now ensure that the (my) above scenario, WON'T be the case: seekingalpha.com/user/36191/instablog/se...]

    It would be a mere 'pittance' for Google to think of 'forking out' say, around the $12pps mark to buy a 60% 'controlling stake' in LOOK. (With a current issued share tally of a little over 17M). Under it's Delaware incorporation, Looksmart can issue up to 200 million shares. (And effectively, Google would be getting to own an immediate 60% of all the Looksmart 'cash', the existing LOOK's $27.6M and that of Google's own 'buy in' contribution, the moment the deal was done. Too easy. It's what's called (besides pissing into a strong wind), "getting your own back" - Well, 60% of it - plus that certain board "control", at the very least!

    I'm not so sure that Microsoft & Newscorp would want this, at all, with all 'three' now (full on) competing against each other like currently exists and days gone by. And "MSN" would be only be seen as surely 'cutting off their noses to spite their greedy faces', if this was so, no?

    Then there's that half million users in Facebook and now Twitter (with it's "Promoted Tweets" - Twitter Ads Test Billion-Dollar Valuation‎), that all three would have to contend with. Nup ...Not good at all. In a 'game' that's designed to eliminate expensive "man-hours" and human nature's more often than not, costly indecisions, I don't think so.

    I'd much prefer to stick with my initial assumption, I'm afraid.

    With that ONE (single) independent "inter-connector" playing that "inter-operability" role. With a NWS or, MSFT (or, with both taking a, say, 30% each), even closer 'interest' in LOOK. What would be stopping them, I must ask?

    [3/3/2011 - Newscorp have since divested itself of it's FAN (the, Fox Audience Network), to The Rubicon Project - seekingalpha.com/user/36191/instablog/se...]

    With any "buy-in" cash handed to Looksmart, providing (in part), the means to buying half an interest in the INUV/FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) 'click-fraud' (and, patent pending? - Thanks to John Linden's) technology (off of Inuvo), a 'click-score' technology, that supports the ValidClick Exchange.

    [3/3/2011 - I now feel that a 'swap' of Looksmart's own 'piss-fart' ad network - The LookSmart Network  - that it has been 'hiding' behind for so long now - will be surfice to complete the INUV/FICO deal - With INUV then getting to become  its own 'mini exchange' and a global player.]

    Now that's what I'd like to see. (And the $12pps would only be a starter 'reward' for many patient LOOK shareholders, is my own honest opinion, as always). Where those within the 'one' big (global) "happy family" can then get to live happily ever-after. All an opinion, as all my stories are.

    LOOK: 3:59pm ET: $1.11  Up 0.03 (+2.78%) 


    Disclosure: Long LOOK and most happy to be so
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  • LookingConfident
    , contributor
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    #.....With any "buy-in" cash handed to Looksmart, providing (in part), the means to buying half an interest in the INUV/FICO (Fair Isaac Corp.) 'click-fraud' (and, patent pending? - Thanks to John Linden's) technology (off of Inuvo), a 'click-score' technology, that supports the ValidClick Exchange.#


    According to this poster (Yahoo Finance INUV board), the (that) patent application has been rejected.


    < "the FINAL REJECTION for the Method for performing real-time click fraud detection, prevention and reporting for online advertising was mailed to inuv on april 09. does anyone think they were going to inform the shareholders of this?">




    If this is so, it's now fair to assume that INUV have little 'bargaining' power, at all. To remain it's own "Exchange" and to not join up with the Looksmart OPEN (and global) marketplace would see the Co (Inuvo) simply (over time), virtually, 'wither on the vine'.


    Now IF this IS so, I expect a move between Looksmart and Inuvo to now crystalise.


    The ValidClick Exchange [www.validclick.com////////] has some quality network partners with customers that include both Yahoo & Microsoft, if I am not mistaken.


    One customer they do have (for the click fraud and Fair Isaac® Click Conversion Score™ technology) is prominent Looksmart partner, in Advertise.com. They (AdVerise.com) were previously known as ABCSearch. [www.abcsearch.com////////] - Who I do suspect (at the time) had simply 're-branded' that same tech and called it "ClickShield"


    Surprisingly, a click on an old announcement (that I had saved), of that (ABCSearch - ValidClick 'hook-up') now 'defaults' (or, is on a 're-direct'), to this address. (It's all, growing, ok?)




    And 'powered by' Marchex
    THK ABCSearch.com Joins ValidClick AdExchange, The First Open Pay-Per ...
    ... News for THK - ABCSearch.com Joins ValidClick AdExchange, The First Open Pay-Per-Click ... premium advertisers via ValidClick AdExchange allows us ...


    Old Link: www.businesseek.com/re...
    AdVertise.com (an unlisted Co) led by Daniel Yomtobian is what I call a real "trollop" of a Co and (it would appear), often goes to bed with who-ever directs it to do so. (Read a few announcements, in that above ABCSearch site link) - The Co is not at all frightenned to make the odd 'outlandish' claim along the way. (Private Co's seem to feel they can do so? I'm not sure myself that it's at all, good for the over-all effort in it's 'infancy' stages, but....)


    I am wondering has Daniel Yomtobian now (almost?) 'dropped his guard' with his Co's latest announcement, maybe? With this fully known (and very "involved") Looksmart AdCenter ("working") partner that now calls it's (Advertise.com's) remarketing technology "network neutral", and that it's good for advertisers, because ........


    "we'll go on to the Google Ad Exchange, Right Media and adECN to buy inventory on their networks."




    AMAZING stuff!! Is this the same "neutrality" that I suspect all three named Exchanges will have (in a, my own much talked of 'private labeled' format of the emerging Looksmart AdCenter for advertiser and publishers, that allows advertisers to then bid for inventory in the Looksmart(global) 'neutral' marketplace, in a 'stealth' mode?)


    I've my own (private) thoughts on this seemingly 'long-pocketed' Co (in AdVertise.com/ABCSearch) and have had so since it figured in some kind of (and it was all brushed off by stock board posters, as being an insignificant) SEC (application) and was duly granted CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT Order, for what was described as, simply being an Ad listing "back-fill' agreement.




    I've written much of this Co, in many an InstaBlog post, too.




    But back to INUV & it's (now, possibly diluted somewhat in value?) click fraud technology that is said in this link here, to filter out invalid clicks with each click being priced dynamically in "real-time", based on the quality of the source ......




    Perhaps Daniel Yomtobian's AdVertise.com may have already been doing all the "testing" of it (including the required 'interfacing' or, intergrating of it to the Looksmart advertising network?), under the guise of it's own (you beaut) "ClickShield" technology? I don't know, I'm only guessing.


    Shareholders (like myself) must remain (always) guessing, as to what they are up to these days. And it all becomes so much harder when posts of speculation (among shareholders) are CENSORED by sites like Yahoo Finance in the interest of protecting who?


    You guessed it, the "FAT" insiders that have it all 'served up' to them on a silver platter. Is it any wonder the world is going backwards, due to this greedy & myopic (tunnel vison), kind of understanding.




    20 Apr 2010, 10:38 PM Reply Like
  • LookingConfident
    , contributor
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    In this world today, you just never know. In that there's a certain need to always expect, the unexpected.


    According to this series of posts to/on INUV's (Yahoo Finance) message board today, it would appear that the Patent for the ValidClick (click fraud) technology has now been granted - to Inuvo.




    Re: Patent Granted 11/27/12
    By leadgenjeff . Nov 28, 2012 4:54 PM . Permalink Go to topic


    ValidClick is an owned property of Inuvo. It is now known as Inuvo Search


    Patent Granted 11/27/12
    By thinktank1999 . Nov 28, 2012 4:35 PM . Permalink


    I just spoke with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (UPSTO) by phone at 4:27 PM today (Wednesday). They confirmed with the Appl. No. 11/258,977 that the patent was indeed granted on 11/27/12. However, the person I spoke with stated that the patent is associated with Validclick, Inc (North Kansas City, MO). Not sure if this has anything to do with Inuvo? Is it possible that John Linden and his partner have sole propriety rights to this and not Inuvo? I copied the abstract below from website:


    United States Patent 8,321,269
    Linden , et al. November 27, 2012


    Method for performing real-time click fraud detection, prevention and reporting for online advertising


    The present invention provides a method of detecting fraudulent clicks in an online environment to reduce fraudulent paid clicks for online advertisers. The method includes server side and client side code which combined enables a click verification web site to identify valid and invalid clicks and in real-time prevents advertisers from getting billed for fraudulent activity.
    Inventors: Linden; John (Parkville, MO), Teeter; Tobias (Joplin, MO)
    Assignee: Validclick, Inc (North Kansas City, MO)
    Appl. No.: 11/258,977
    Filed: October 26, 2005


    I've made mention of both John Linden and ValidClick in previous posts. - http://bit.ly/TmD6xf


    My original (above) instapost was published on Apr 15, 2010. I've since added the following to it:


    [3/3/2011 - I now feel that a 'swap' of Looksmart's own 'piss-fart' ad network - The LookSmart Network - that it has been 'hiding' behind for so long now - will be surfice to complete the INUV/FICO deal. With INUV then getting to become its own 'mini exchange' and a global player.]


    You just never know.


    28 Nov 2012, 09:12 PM Reply Like
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