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Yahoo! Finance's "Post Removalist" (the CENSOR) acts quickly, once again

In my previous InstaBlog post I asked the following question:

< Now let's all see how long my reference to this (suggested) advice lasts posted on the Yahoo (Mafia's) LOOK discussion board before being deleted, ok?

Online Ad discrepancies and .... the IAB Impression "Exchange"

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Well ...It lasted for near on ONE whole hour, can you believe?

Yes, it didn't take them long to CENSOR my thoughts (once more) and for the umteenth time over the past 3 or, 4 years or, more, that they have done so. Talk about CHINA, Pakistan or, other Countries and their web CENSORSHIP?

How about "good-ole" YAHOO! in the USA?? How sad.

The 'offending' post, again?

I'd strongly suggest to readers that this same technology is to eventually become a part of Looksmart's own 'management' platform (between and at 'inter' Exchange level) and that Looksmart (with it's only, fully independent AdCenter platform), will then simply 'take it over' (from Microsoft), when it becomes the time to have both the advertiser and publisher EXCHANGES "inter-operating" between themselves & for utilisation or, full use of the Looksmart (independent), OPEN Marketplace.

  • Online Ad discrepancies and .... the IAB Impression "Exchange"
    by LookingConfident
    . From within my previous post I had suggested that ............. Looksmart (in providing both sides with a private labeled 'decoupling' API), can then play that (required to be) independent 'management' or, that intrical and talked of 'inter-operability' role needed, between Exchanges.... More »
    May 23, 2010

'offending' post:

Yahoo's CENSORSHIP? - It's nothing short of being a DISGRACE, that's what it is.

And Yahoo's advertisers, that (are there any brands, I wonder?) would like to be associated, alongside this rubbish? This Fella really IS sick!!!


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so, too!!