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Google Banner Ads For Yahoo? - - Amazon Et Al, To Follow?

The Kara Swisher (AllThingsDigital) Big Ad Changes Loom story- that Yahoo! are said to have been in talks with Google about taking over its automated ad sales and ad network operations - should surely have been a "huge" story - but as it's only a rumour, I guess it isn't.

< Yahoo is also considering turning its entire search business over to Microsoft, with which it already has an ad partnership.

"Yahoo is going to be a media company again - in the digital ad sales business and not in the ad tech business," said one person.>

Anything is possible and there is reason enough for the Google solution to be an answer for Yahoo (in fact - we may ultimately see all or, part of the Aol-Microsoft-Yahoo! alliance doing like-wise?), for their audience (user) targeting- and all based on or, around (a user's) 'search intent'.

When fully API enabled- and total separation, advertisers from all (those within a one marketplace) can then get to 'bid' on available inventory (in that independent marketplace), even within their own Exchanges!

In a short series of posts to Yahoo Finance's LOOK board today, I point out that Ed Montes (CEO of trading desk Adnetik), says that Google has already claimed interoperability of its (buyside-sellside) component parts and seems to suggest the ability to connect to different inventory. (Meaning, multiple exchanges.)

For some time now I've noted Google have been targeting audiences on Yahoo Finance. To accomplish this Google is in need of a 'gateway' or, an independent separation from access to data on Yahoo users. Here's a typical Google targeted Ad (to me) on Yahoo! Finance. (Right click on it and view the page source here.)

A late article today (Display Ad Retargeters Buying Yahoo! O&O -from John Ebbert/AdExchanger), whilst adding something to the total story, may just further 'confuse the issue' somewhat. Criteo (with the use of cookies), does provide great (singular), site retargeting.

Google (I feel) is simply showing an 'extension of it's reach' out to all (and that ability all advertisers will themselves get to have - to follow a user across multiple exchanges-the web), with use of the independent Looksmart advertiser/publisher solutions.

Others (I feel) are also testing this 'one stop shop' means of targeting users (or, audiences) across a ONE marketplace (with many exchanges eventually involved), without the use of cookies. (And by Looksmart's use of IP addresses in locating a user/users- in RT and based on their most recent 'search intent').

Here's another example of a Google Ad (as was targeted to me), and over on Amazon's property, Alexa.



One look at the 'ClickStream' Traffic (in & out of the Looksmart CPA/CPV AdCenter marketplace) may just hint at Amazon (itself) testing it's own Ads on/via Alexa, likewise.-

Always, only an opinion.

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ps; Then there's Facebook. (Talked of in many recent instaposts)

Facebook to show you ads based on your Web browsing - CNN

< Say a Facebook user visits a travel website and clicks on a page about a vacation package to Las Vegas....... If an advertiser has bid on that kind of search, that user could then see ads for discounted trips to Vegas the next time they visit Facebook.

......"By bidding on a specific impression rather than a larger group, advertisers are able to show people more relevant ads while also running more efficient and effective campaigns," a Facebook spokeswoman said in a written statement.>

< As Web giants like Facebook and Google get better at harvesting user activity, using Web searches for advertising is becoming increasingly popular.>

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