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Maxwell Technologies (MXWL) Barchart Chart of the Day

|Includes:Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (MXWL)
Barchart.coms Chart of the Day - Maxwell Technologies (NASDAQ:MXWL)
Barchart Research Team - - Sat Sep 24, 9:40PM CDT
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MXWL - Maxwell Technologies
Sym Last Chg Pct
MXWL 19.19 -0.42 -2.14%

The "Chart of the Day" is Maxwell Technologies (MXWL), which showed up on Friday's Barchart "Nasdaq 12-Month High" list. Maxwell on Friday rallied by 3.16% and posted a new 2-year high of $19.71. TrendSpotter has been Long on Maxwell since Aug 1 at $16.64. In recent news on the stock, Piper Jaffray on Sep 15 resumed research coverage on Maxwell with an Overweight and a target of $25. ThinkEquity on Aug 25 initiated coverage with a Buy and a target of $19. On Sep 12, Maxwell announced that China's largest bus manufacturer, Zhengzhou Yuton Bus Co, chose Maxwell's ultracapacitors for energy storage and power delivery in its new line of fuel-efficient, low-emission, diesel-electric hybrid buses. Maxwell Technologies, with a market cap of $530 million, is a developer and manufacturer of energy storage and power delivery solutions.


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