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Why I am not a Contributor

   In case any other user of Seeking Alpha should notice my copious . . . nay excessive commentary (and someday Instablogs - just getting started there), and is moved to wonder why the heck I do not submit articles for publication, well, I tried.

   It turns out that there is a requirement for submission that I cannot meet. SA administration tells me it is a new-ish requirement - many of the older hands at SA are not required to follow it, and don't. Well. Good for them; bad for me.

   I received a total of four e-mail responses, from two separate SA officers, on this matter, and it was clear from their replies that neither had bothered to read my original query.

   I am a fairly clever guy, and I imagine I could figure out a way over this hurdle, if I bent my mind to it. But, in my experience, demanding people jump through pointless hoops as a requirement for membership is a pretty sure sign of a club not worth joining. The Guiding Lights of SA Clearly think they have enough Contributors. Who am I to gainsay them? 

   So I shall continue to labor on, but back here in steerage, far from the fancy lights under the marquee.

"Nobody knows, the trouble I seen

"Nobody knows, the so - rrow . . . "