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Is Mature Programming The Reason The Howard Stern Show is Not on the iPhone?

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According to the New York Post, The Howard Stern show was not available for the Sirius XM iPhone Application because of its "Mature Programming". The New York Post spoke to a customer service representative that spouted this reason yesterday by telephone. Rad Sat Daily believes this makes totally no sense. Playboy Radio and Opie and Anthony's The Virus Channel made the cut even though they have similar "Mature Programming". Shade 45 is an example of another channel that often has "Mature Programming". There are countless other Sirius XM Radio channels that are similar that made the cut.

The reality is that The Howard Stern Show is much more than just a series of vulgar talk, boob, and fart jokes. The show has great dialogue; great guests, and discusses intriguing life topics. Anyone that thinks any differently hasn't truly listened to the show on a regular basis. If Apple is the reason for The Howard Stern Show not being available for the highly anticipated Sirius XM Radio iPhone Application then shame on Apple. The Apple App Store has a history of rejecting applications that have "Mature Content". Former Stern Show protégé Jackie Martling recently launched a PG iPhone joke application called "The Jackie Button" application. Anyone that has listened to Jackie Martling on a regular basis knows that Jackie doesn't tell PG jokes. The Jackie Application likely has PG jokes on it because Apple wouldn't let the application through any other way. The Apple Application Store deprived Jackie fans of real Jackie jokes in the application.

If "Mature Programming" is the reason for Sirius XM Radio's botched iPhone Application launch yesterday, the Apple App Store needs to loosen up on its application restrictions or find a solution for individuals that want to download applications with mature content. What should have been considered a great day for Sirius XM Radio was turned into a fiasco instead. Apple needs to seriously reevaluate its policy because The Howard Stern Show" from a "Mature Programming" perspective is not that much different than some of the other Sirius XM Radio programming that made the cut.

The fact that Howard was singled out leaves us to believe maybe someone still has it in for Howard. Who knows?


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