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Invest In Nuplex Industries Limited For Good Income

Company profile

Nuplex Industries Limited is a New Zealand-based company which is a manufacturer of polymer resins. It has its operations in 11 countries on four continents, and products are sold in over 80 countries. Polymer resins are essential ingredients in a wide range of products used every day, from basic necessities, through consumer durables to luxury goods. The company has two operating segments: Resins which is engaged in manufacturing of synthetics resins, and distributes complementary functional materials. The Specialties segment manufactures and distributes functional materials.

Nuplex Construction Products supplies specialty resin flooring to the Australasian market and waterproofing, flooring and cladding systems to the New Zealand market. Its Specialty Products supply functional and specialty materials. Nuplex Masterbatch supplies color and performance additives for the plastics industry in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia and New Zealand the company also distribute raw materials to the chemical, plastics, general industrial, food and pharmaceutical sectors.


In 1952 the company began in Auckland as a flooring distributor. It diversifies into self-leveling flooring manufacturing during the 1950s. The problems with an import license for a key resin resulted in the commencement of producing resins in New Zealand. Initially the company used the products for their own use before supplying to industry.

During the next 20 years the company grew by broadening their range of polymers and resins by licensing technology from leading producers in USA and Europe. The growth was also achieved by developing new markets for niche products in Australia, Asia and the Pacific Island.

Since the year of 1990 the company has combined organic growth and strategic acquisitions to move to a position of market leadership in Australia and New Zealand. Their strategy was to rationalize industries that had become fragmented during the era of tariff protection up the 1980s.


In the year of 2011 the company updated their working strategy. The strategy delivering sustainable growth is based on delivering their customers regular, cost effective and innovative products which meet their needs. During those months the company's business plans had been associated to execute the three key elements of their strategy:

1. Secure the base and lay the foundations for future growth which by through following ways:

Ø Continuing improve the Safety, health and environment performance

Ø Lifting the performance and operating margins of its existing operations through NuLEAP

Ø Investing in Capacity in high growth emerging markets and Develop and engaged One Global Team.

2. Investing in Research and Development to build leadership position in four global product areas which include: Performance coatings, Water borne coatings, Composites and Powder Coatings.

3. Pursue value accretive acquisitions in markets where the company has existing competitive positions, particularly in the areas of distribution and non-coating in Australasia and coating and complementary applications in Europe, Asia and the US.

Company's Announcements

Nuplex Industries Limited paid an interim dividend of NZD 0.10 per share for the first half of fiscal 2013. Its record date was March 15, 2013 and the payment date was April 2, 2013. On May 17, 2013 the company announced that the Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization for the year financial year of 2013 are expected to be between $124 and $129 million. It compares with company's previous guidance range of $135 to $140 million.

The company also announced that the final dividend for the year of 2013 is expected to be a similar amount to the final dividend in the 2012 financial year. The company's annual meeting will be held at 10:00 am on Wednesday 6 November 2013.

The Bottom Line

Nuplex Industries is one of the top leading High dividend paying stock New Zealand. In the Present time it develops, owns and uses world class technologies and processes. They have approximately 1750 employees in 14 countries and manufacturing plants in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. Its current market capitalization is 624.10 Million, EPS is 0.24 P/E ratio is 13.04 and the dividend yield is 6.67% at the annual dividend payout of 0.10.

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