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Israel Dividend Stocks To Hold Forever

Israel stock market trades like an emerging market with high dividend yields, low valuations, and thin liquidity. Investors can use this as their advantage especially if you are an income investor these things can be very profitable for your investment portfolio. דיבידנד בישראל stocks generally pay high dividend yields. Below are some stocks from Israel which you should consider for your portfolio.

Analyst I.M.S. Ltd (TLV: ANLT)

The company is mainly engaged in the investment advisory. With its subsidiaries the company provides portfolio management, private wealth management and mutual fund management. The company's customers include private clients, private and public corporations and institutional clients. Furthermore the company is also engaged in the investment activity for its own account. As of December 31, 2011 it had five subsidiaries such as Analyst Provident Funds Ltd, Analyst Exchange and Trading Ltd, Analyst Issue Management Ltd, Analyst Derivatives Ltd and Analyst I.M.S Mutual Funds Management (1986) Ltd.

It has a market capitalization of 196.65 Million, EPS is 2.00, P/E ratio is 9.06 and the dividend yield is 17.08%.

Poalim I.B.I-Managing & Underwriting (TLV: PIU)

The company is engaged in the financial sector. It offers investment management and trading services such as mutual fund, provident fund and advanced trading fund management, trading and execution services on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and market overseas, portfolio management, online trading platforms, management of securities benefit programs, underwriting ad offerings. The company has also involvement in the investment banking sector.

It has a market capitalization of 172.52 Million, EPS is 1.04, P/E ratio is 8.84 and the dividend yield is 11.01%.

IBI Investment House Ltd (TLV: IBI)

The company specializes in different aspects of the capital market through its subsidiaries, mainly on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. It provides brokerage services to private, corporation, institutional and public clients through its subsidiary Israel Brokerage and Investments, I.B.I Ltd. the company develops, manages and markets different mutual funds through I.B.I Mutual Fund Management (1978) Ltd. Additionally the company provides underwriting services for public and private offerings and covers mergers and acquisitions.

It has a market capitalization of 312.71 Million, EPS is 3.05, P/E ratio is 8.10 and the dividend yield is 8.31%.

Harel Insurance Inv. & Fin. Services Ltd (TLV: HARL)

It is an Israel-based investment company which is primarily active in the insurance sector. The company through its subsidiaries offers health insurance, life insurance, long term savings, dental insurance, travel insurance, personal accident insurance, tourist and foreign worker insurance, car insurance, home and business insurance, insurance for unaccountable risks ad assets insurance. As on August 2, 2011 the company had acquired Prisma Currencies Ltd through its fully owned subsidiary, Harel Financial Products Ltd.

It has a market capitalization of 4.18 Billion, EPS is 22.47, P/E ratio is 8.77 and the dividend yield is 7.36%.

Meitav DS Investments Ltd (TLV: MTDS)

The company is directly engaged through its subsidiaries in the management of mutual and provident funds, as well as investment portfolios, equity issues, underwriting and mergers and acquisitions. The customers of the company include companies, public institutional, large private investors and households. The company deals with portfolio management and investment marketing through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, including Apex Mutual Funds Ltd., Apex Provident Fund Management Ltd, Dash Securities and Investments Ltd and among others.

It has a market capitalization of 776.85 Million, EPS is 0.54, P/E ratio is 21.34 and the dividend yield is 6.17%.